Anyone see one of these before?

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Clockwork, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Clockwork

    we got these pics 2 years ago about 15 miles out of westport of an ocean sunfish. fairly rough water made this thing look like a dead shark in the rollers at a distance. it was probably a couple hundred pounds and a rather incompetent fish. it would lay on its side and feebly dive a couple feet when we neared it. i read up on it and apparently sharks will bite chunks out of it occasionally which doesnt surprise me. would suck to hit it at full throttle for both parties. anyne else see these before?
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  2. Tacklebox

    I saw a baby one on the party boat a couple weeks ago. supposed to be a good sign of good fishing !!
  3. merlehumps

    i have seen them outta westport more than once
  4. Cap'n Coldeye

    Sun Fish.. "In fact, the fish is more threatening to boaters than swimmers, as its immense size and weight can cause significant damage when struck by watercraft. Collisions with sunfish are very common in some parts of the world and may cause damage to the hull of a boat,[29] and their bodies can become lodged in the propellers of larger ships."


  5. TexMojoII

    I thought that was a Mola?
  6. TexMojoII

    Nevermind, Mola/Sunfish. Duh.
  7. TooManyHobbies

    I was on my way back in from salmon fishing @ Westport last year, and tattooed one while running up over a swell. I had just enough time to cut the motor, so I didn't hurt it too bad. The funky thing was, as I stopped the boat and looked back it jumped completely out of the water. It only had a small nick in it's 'tail' from the skag... I'd have guessed it to be in the 250-300 lb range, but I guess they get a lot bigger.
  8. jbuck

    There were a lot of them out there last year. Lots of sharks, orcas, tuna, and sunfish during the late summer August/September. Seen the tuna as close as 7miles off of umatilla for a day or two.
  9. bugging57

    Mola. They are jellyfish eaters.
  10. lynndeva

    I have seen 2 out of Dana was trying to eat a metallic balloon and one was being harassed by a sea lion..both very close to shore (within a mile)

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