Anyone going out of Oside this weekend?

Discussion in 'California Fishing Reports Forums' started by super redhawk44, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. super redhawk44

    Heading out of Oside, not sure Sat. or Sun. thinking about targeting butts, but may also try to go for a T-shark, anyone heading out?
  2. Lucky Dog

    I was thinking about going out and then read the weather report and it sounds like a better day to shine the irons and sharpen the hooks. If you go out, let us know how it went. good luck.
  3. aclemieux

    Same here. We called it off due to weather. Maybe after Fred Hall. Shouldn't have any rain until afternoon according to most accounts. Maybe you can thread the needle. Good luck if you go.
  4. BigJoe

    I agree the weather does not look that great, cold, windy, rainy. Good luck if you go.