Anyone fish the Bright and Morning Star?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by whammy, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. whammy

    Customer of mine down at Fishermans Access hooked it up big time with a 1/2 off pass on any of the Bright and Morning Stars trips... so before i dish out some money i wanted to get some feedback on this boat. Im thinking of getting on the 3 day or the 4.5 day looks like theyre going to cedros and fishing san martin. Thanks for the help in advance
  2. MM2

    make sure the cook shows up MM2/Charlie PM me
  3. Derfsondeck

    I've fished 3 multi day trips on it,2-2 day one 5 day,wasn't lots of fish,its kinda like the motel-6 of sportfishing.They have reduced their passenger loads which should make it better.If you're getting a really good price do it.
  4. spike

  5. Ready4TheYellow

    I'm gonna bite my tongue on this one and shut up.....

    although the cook was great...
  6. Enfuego

    It's a very rocky boat, but one of the fastest in the fleet. The last time I was on there I had a great time.
    It is the motel 6 of fishing.
    They are running half off/buy one get one free deals all season.
    Make sure to take some Dramamine if you get sick. That boat in weather is not fun.
  7. Weazel

    I went on a 5 day trip on that boat about 3 years ago. Yeahhhhhh, I'll never step on that boat again. I call it the BMS, POS for a reason.
  8. ahidog

    Past experiences could be null and void as recently John Groman (former owner operator of the Pegaus) has taken the wheel and the owner of the BMS, Ben Griffith, is his relief. These two have over 75 years combined experience and know fishing. That said yes as a long range boat it is no frills but at a good price. You wont have a shower in every state room or your own tv and VCR. The food will be good homestyle cooking not gourmet fresh baked bread. That being said the average guy cant afford too many LR trips a year and those that do wouldn't care for this boat.

    For the working guy this is a good boat that handles weather well (although it can be rolly in the trough).

    I have run the boat several times and I gaurantee it's safety and that the skippers are very competent.
  9. GUERO

    dropped the F Bomb one day on the boat and Ben gave me a stern talking to..........

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