Anyone fish BARBADOS???

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by jesse, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. jesse

    My son and I are leaving for Barbados on monday morning. I have looked up some guides but I was hoping to get some insite from someone who has been there. We will be an hour north of Bridgetown.
    Any help is greatly appreciated:D
    It's gonna be hot and sticky but I hope we can get some feeeeesh:)
  2. Josh D

    Fished there 7+ years ago 1 day on our honeymoon, caught several sm. wahoo & a few dorado. The shelf is just offshore parallel to the island.

    Big sierra near the entrance.

  3. 2na

    I chartered a boat last year in July for a boatload of money to catch one
    1/4 lb. albie; they call them Skipjacks. Other boats landed only 1 or 2 jacks.

    Now the snorkeling was awesome especially behind the Sandy Lane Hotel.
    The snorkeling tour on the Cats are awesome! Don't forget to bring home a
    couple bottles of Mount Gay Rum; extra old!

    Have fun!