Anyone been on the intrepid yet?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by riceman1011, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. riceman1011

    Im going on the next ten day with the intrepid, and i wanted to hear from some people who have been on it to know how everything was.....
  2. titan05

    Your kidding right???????

    Check out the Long Range Report might find some info there

    Have fun
  3. Sofia Rose

    If you're on the Dec. 25 to Jan. 5 trip say hi to my friend Scotty. He's was on the Intrepid earlier this year, loved it so much he booked the Dec. trip.
    The accomadations, food, crew, and personel were excellent!

    Good luck.
  4. Alter Ego

  5. longranger

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I will be on that trip too. If you ask if anyone is catching anything after the first 5 cows hit the deck I will get worried:rofl::rofl:.

    Mike B
  6. uluastick

    never heard of it
  7. Alter Ego

    LOL...go get 'em, Mike!
  8. riceman1011

    haha yea I would be too. See ya their
  9. riceman1011

    I was mainly wondering on how narrow the port and starboard sides were... Cuz with the pictures I have seen they have been pretty narrow
  10. branman

    I will agree it looks pretty narrow.
  11. riceman1011

    Yea that's the same pic I saw..... But its 27 feet wide
  12. riceman1011

    ive also seen this pic too.....
  13. modrealtor

    It's about the same as the other sport boats. I had no problems working both sides and I'm 6'-0" and 220. Keep in mind, Cameron is a monster guy and wide.
  14. riceman1011

  15. wahoodad

    I was gonna say, Cameron's a fairly wide guy. I think I could have a hundred yard game with him blocking for me.
  16. zman91

    its a terrible boat it isnt part the long range cool club er i ment code group
  17. fishordie

    I've fished her and love her. The rails are NOT too narrow and are at least as wide as most and wider than many. I am not sure how they did it unless David Copperfield designed the interior but nothing about the boat seems narrow. It is comfortable and a great platform to fish on. As far as the Amenitites.... Fu Git Abou id. Its off the hook. You will have a blast. Make sure you get plenty of time chatting with Danny and the crew. So much history there and besides they enjoy chatting to pass the time away.

    I wish I was going with you on that trip.

  18. Sea Bandit


    In Code that means the boat and the crew are super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. tehspork

    I have. You already know I have though. Good luck on your trip. Slay the cows.
  20. Customboatguy

    Good luck to you man.