Anybody have been on a 8 day trip on

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by matrixx611, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. matrixx611

    the First String? What are your experience on those trips?? Where did you guys go and what did you catch? Planning on going on it this fall
  2. matrixx611

  3. saltwaterfish

    most likely the rocks, big yellow, good sized yft,
  4. matrixx611

    So you been on that boat for that long of a trip? I never been on that boat. How are the bunks and how does the boat ride?
  5. saltwaterfish

    sorry didnt read the post about the boat, just where and what you are going to catch. Ive never been on the first string - several of the others. From what I remember not many complaints about the boat if at all
  6. Rjrolyn

    The boat rides pretty low on the water. But never been on a 8 dayer on the string
  7. matrixx611

    Ron, were you on the boat when they were cleaning it from the port or actually
  8. HermosaJoe

    You might try to search the archives. If I recall correctly, there have been some real positive comments about the First String on the site, but I don't recall any about a trip that long. So the issue would seem to be the amenities and, perhaps, bait capacity, neither of which I know anything about.
  9. Birdman65

    I worked on the First string five years ago for two seasons. It is a really nice boat comfy and stable. As for bait capacity the eight day trips can get a little dicey but there was usually plenty of bait to be made that time of year. Brad is a very fishy captain and we had a lot of really great trips just wish i could have fished more. lol. It got interesting at times when the tuna were solid in the corner and people said they couldnt get bit. The boat is a killer option for an eight day. It is not as pricey but is very comfortable for the 19 person load on those trips. Bring lots of stuff for yellows he will knock them. There are state rooms and bunks they are all nice and air conditioned. I would definitely consider that boat a great option have fun and good luck.
  10. seriola_killer

    Go go go! Best value for a later season 8 day period.
  11. leicafish

    Never been on ths this boat, But on a trip that I long I would inquiry specifics about the fish handling and storage.

    Good Luck and Tight lines on your trip
  12. carcass

    Brad seems to have a good reputation about finding fish.

    I've been on the boat many times, but just on 2 dayers. We always do well comparative to other boats in the area. It finishes in the top concerning yellowtail and yellowfin catches.

    Was just out on it and spoke to Brad about these trips. He's done very well. Had some good stories on some wahoo and dorado bites he's had on those trips. Anywhere from 16 to a most of 19 fishers on the boat. Plenty of room. Price is good. It does not have the comforts of the Excel and other long range boats, but if you can do without gourmet meals and some luxury, I think First String would be a good bet for a relatively inexpensive 6-8 day. I think they just got their long range schedule posted and they are doing three or 4 trips to Guadalupe and 2-3 8 day trips to parts South.

    Boat sits low on the water. We were out in the Gale winds March 1 and 2 and I thought it rode rather well. Their fish holds are good sized and with only 19 anglers max and with fish limits, I think it will have more than enough.
  13. chuck norris

    I don't know much about their 8 day trips but we did fish next to them last fall on the Ridge when I was on the Polaris Supreme they do go long.
  14. matrixx611

    What did you guys catch on that trip?
  15. chuck norris

    Lots of yellowtail and dorado, some yellowfin, some grouper, pargo. Only saw a few wahoo. Tuna were scarce down there. The previous years we released tons of tuna (really) not last year. You get a nice variety and lots of fishing, plus thats a bargain rate compared to other boats, but it's not the Star or the Angler....
  16. matrixx611

    Did you guys go to the rocks too?