Anybody have any knowledge on prehung doors??? HELP!!

Discussion in 'BD Business Hookup's' started by ?? fisherman, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. ?? fisherman

    Pulling my hair out here trying to find a 32" prehung door to replace a very very shabby backdoor.

    Here is the problem. It needs to be a preferably a wooden door with some panneled windows on the top section and must be a outswing door.

    The outswing is what has been causing me mucho probs as nobody seems to have a outswing door and for me to order one thru HD will take about 3 weeks as well as cost about double what a inswing would.

    Anybody have any good suggestions on finding what I am looking for fairly quick??


    The unknown fisherman:p:
  2. Kurt

  3. byeye

    I just had to order one the other day Mike. No one in town carries a 32" out swing with windows. Gotta order it and it takes a couple of weeks.
  4. makiwaraboy

    home depot or lowes some times have them , some where specail orders that wore never picked up . just go and have fun.............

    if not then do exactly what the guy above said.
  5. rojodiablo

    I can build one and hang it for you in less than 3 weeks. Outswing doors, there is very few vendors for that. And you CAN just spin it around, and go for it, but then again, exterior doors with paneling and such have an interior side, and an exterior side. So usually, I build the jamb and swing the door in it. No big deal. We can get the blank, the jamb set, the hardware, etc. and drop it in a day. Of course, it has to be painted and all, but to build and swing one, it takes a day or less.
  6. Saluki

    Misuse is the Door Man. :notworthy

    Contact him.
  7. noworries

    I just fought the same problem. I replaced a sliding glass door with a single 36" wide "french door". I wanted one that opened outside, and ran into the same issue "had to preorder--more expensive." That's because you need special hinges on an outswing exterior door or somebody could just pop the door off the hinges and gain access.

    I decided that it's usually best to avoid "special order" only scenarios because when you're a construction newb like me it's best to keep things standard--easier to figure stuff out and get help when I can't.
  8. tylerderdan

    I have always been big believer in staying away from the special order items from Depot or Lowes. I hung doors for did finish work 7 years before getting back into the developement side of the business. Most of the special order or pre-made units are going to be light guage metal. You might be able to find a fiberglass unit, but they are a little harder to come by.
    The hinges required for a door like that are usually called NRP hinges. Non removabal pin. Although there are a few others out there.
    In a tight time frame a good carpenter is usually a better option. They can pick a door and jamb that you are happy with and get working right away. From having installed a few thousand doors and having witnessed some real special order nightmares, it just my .02 good luck