Any one fishing for Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by FAT TONY, May 21, 2012.

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  2. dkd711

    damn, that would have been an awesome paddy if it was further offshore and we'd be having a blast even w/o any fish! LOL
  3. backlashjack

    "Save the Bales", makes getting "skunked" that much more interesting, "good thing I was fishing a spectra kelp cutting rig , 'cause that fish went straight into the WEED's", can I have a bite of your hot dog?
  4. BurningHeart

    Square Grouper?

  5. Gringo Sushi

    Funny, I didn't see anything about this on Fish Dope...
  6. Kagecog

    I saw a yacht on radar heading north Saturday night with all its lights off going probably 15-20 knots! Wonder if they were running it up all weekend.
  7. osidefishin

    Damn lucky basterds,Ive been fishing for years and never caught anything that nice..
  8. Tunahead

    Guess not they showed DEA unloading all the bales in Dana Point on News last night. LOL
  9. fishyfingers22

    you cant make me talk. i saw nothing. but they helped jump my boat nice guys. they even had the jumper cables
  10. socal_matt

    Damn, thats crazy. Back in March, OC Sheriff pulled up beside my kayak and asked if i saw two bundles of marijuana floating around. All I could think about at that time was "How the hell would I be able to hide two bundles of marijuana on my kayak."LOL
  11. huukup!

    Fuckn pigs! Try to take my crops
  12. FAT TONY

    They were'nt legal size. They must of been put their by fish and game to film an episode of "wild justice". :rofl:If i knew they were their, i would swam out to them and just float away with them. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  13. c-goat

    Over the counter crap!
  14. yellowklr

    last time I fished La Salina there was a bail floating just off the beach......I just kept driving, ya never know who is watching you
  15. Hooops

    Fished with my uncle out of his house in the fl keys several years ago. Caught several dolphin and then found a smaller square grouper on a weed line - but it didn't have weed in it.

    Fished long that day and the following though.
  16. Carl

  17. The Notorious S.U.A.

  18. jig-guy

    All soaked with saltwater! Must not make good cookies. Leave it in the water for stoner chum.
  19. mikeyairtime

    I wondered where those fell off at. If I can ID the bundles will they return them to me.