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Discussion in '2010 Yellowtail Shootout' started by Swazi, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Swazi

    "The tournament will be open to all anglers fishing from private boats only."

    Define "private boats"

    Thank you.
  2. Jason Admin

    Non Commercial.
  3. Ali Admin

    If you ain't PAYING someone to take you out.

    Also, no kayaks this year.

    if you have F&G #'S can you still fish?
  5. fishkillerbill

    So I dont pay a six pak owner but we fish team with him -thats okay?
  6. Surfdoc

    I'll handle the rules. Thanks cupcake.

    Love Ali
  7. fishkillerbill

    He would be fishin as a team member-he just owns a well know six-pac boat
  8. Surfdoc

    Jeff's coming this far south ???

  9. Ali Admin

    AS LONG IS IT'S NOT A CHARTER, You're fine!
  10. Swazi

    Spill it Bill...:smash:

  11. Saluki

    Your fishing with Papa J?
  12. ConSeaMate

  13. Swazi

    So if that's the case...and for the sake of clarification..define "non tournament member"

    14. Non-Tournament member (deckhands, mates, captains, etc.) may handle all equipment but may not set hooks on fish and then hand the rod off to a Tournament Angler. Any fish caught while a Non-Tournament member is bringing in or letting out a line is disqualified. Non-Tournament members may assist in the leader, gaff, tag, unhook or release of any fish. After hook up only one Tournament Angler may fight the fish until it is successfully boated or released. “Hand Lining” a hooked fish will be cause for disqualification.
  14. Ali Admin

    Stan's statement was misleading and well, wrong.

    Non tournie member is as defined above:

    Non-Tournament member (deckhands, mates, captains, etc.)

    All winners will be subject to polygraph to ensure no monkey biz.
  15. Swazi

    Thanks Ali....really not tryin to be a pain in the ass...I've just got questions OK :imdumb:
  16. biggfish619

    so all paying tournament members can fish correct. non tournament means non paying

    non-paying = no fishing:confused: