Another Mexico "nightmare" story

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by BGFree, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. BGFree

  2. Lets_Fish

    That's just crazy. Makes one wonder who is running their navy!
  3. Carl

    "nightmare" is hyperbole imo.
    Doesn't sound like a big deal to me.
  4. got bait?

  5. svue

    Guess them mexican navy need to learn how to board a boat.

    A lot of drug people are now trafficking thru out the mexican water now.
  6. radman

  7. Whalebreath

    All a person hears is one side of a story.

    Also that TV dork is beyond clueless (as per SOP)-'as much as $2,000' to fix that boat?

    Try 5 times that much once the dust settles.
  8. yellowklr

    Yeah and I just met a guy the other day that was detained for hours at the Islands because his name wasn't on his boat......CRAZY
  9. BGFree

    I don't know. My boat getting rammed and then getting boarded by machine gun toting guys seems like my idea of a nightmare. You must lead a much more adventurous life than I.
  10. Carl

    They were let go. Having your shit confiscated and or shot up and then rotting in a Mexican prison would be a "nightmare".
    I'm thinking the Mex authorities are possibly going to be more aggressive while boarding boats. There have been several incidents of guys in Mex waters about to be checked who ran for the border and made it.
    If you were a law enforcement officer wouldn't you take steps to prevent the people you are trying to contact from fleeing.
  11. hotrod

    Crazy stuff....after the sport boat captain (incident from 2 mos ago) talked to the Mexican authorities things were supposed to get fixed. Yeah right they have gotten worse.
  12. sixpacktunaman

    Might be a quick responce to our Border Patroll gunning down border crossers throwing rocks at them last week! President Calderon was asking for answers!
  13. eljurel

    What I think is the guy didn't stop and the navy just gave him a friendly bump, that's much better than getting shot, I have been boarded around 5 times plus 2 by the USCG, I stop and avide, no problems.
  14. 1:11

    Louisiana is starting to look like a real good option
  15. neatnick

    not crazy stuff, its your responsibility to make sure you are sqared away before you head south.

    always amazes me the ignorance, or arrogance, of folks who head south across the border and are not prepared and have the audacity to complain about it. granted the collision probably shouldn't have happened, but we're not getting both sides here either.
    The mexican govt is 30,000 dead into a war with the cartel's. Everyday DHS and the Mexican Navy are running ops both north and southbound. Seems to me if I had boatloads of cash and guns to move south looking like a fishing boat might be a great idea. If you run the profile of a runner, expect to get stopped. Get tucked into an island, like you're dropping money, guns, or people off, expect to get stopped.

    knowing this wont keep me from fishing mexico, but it behooves me to make sure I'm sqared away before I head south. I know where my coast guard registry papers are, my insurance, passports and licences for everyone are current and centrally located. I expect to be stopped, both ways, just like i'm headed across san ysidro. I've been stopped both ways several times, and its never been more 10-15 minutes, because I'm prepared and willing to show a little respect for what whats going on.

    being a former marine I have alot of respect for the young marines doing the boarding. The reason that young machinegun toting mexican marine is wearing a mask is because his family is under a death threat, yet he still serves. semper fi.
  16. plj46

    That old man looks real threatening to me,i dont get the mentality of the mex navy.We all know in our country law enforcement/military that behaved like the mexican navy does would be in big trouble.What they do is unproffessional and unnecesary.When was the last time they actually caught anybody doing anything wrong ? How come they cant seem to stop any of their own people from driving a panga with 20 people in it right up here to the usa ?
  17. plj46

    Neatnick,whats ignorant about having you paperwork,licenses etc. and getting treated like a suspected smuggler while fishing ? Whats the profile of a runner ?i didnt realize there was so much smuggling from north to south.Its all payback for our efforts to stop them from coming up here.The mexican navy is run by the Cartel.
  18. Wandering Blues

    There's a fundamental difference between the legal systems that causes turmoil for US citizens. Under Napoleonic Law (Mexico system), you bear responsibility to prove your innocence. Under English Common Law (our system), they bear the burden to prove guilt. Bottom line, when you cross the border, they'll treat you as guilty until you prove otherwise if you are detained or inspected. I don't see it as good or bad- it's their country and they can make it work or drive it into the ground with cartels calling the shots.
  19. Saluki

    People don't understand that they are entering a country where their law enforcement officers and military personel are being shot and killed 24/7 by some really bad people who can look like everyday citizens. So it's natural for them to suspect that everyone is guilty until you've been checked and cleared for proper documentation and a clean boat/truck whatever your mode of transportation is. As for the "ramming" I wouldn't be surprised if the military came up along side for a quick boarding, no bumpers were used and the boat were banging against each other. Think about it $2,000 estimate is not a lot of damage on a boat, some gel coat, a rub rail, and replace some bent stainless = $2,000.

    IMO the news media is looking to magnify an event that is an everyday occurance south of the border, and something that people north of the border are not accustomed to.

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  20. el capo

    Thanks Brandon for putting things into perspective for the naive.
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