Another Lobster Report

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by MarkW, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. MarkW BD Writer


    I had the chance to run the Parker over to the Island on Sat afternoon to do some hoopin, so I took off and it turned out to be a very interesting trip. As I was getting ready to set some gear, Mr Seagull stopped by to supervise. I fed him an eight inch frozen mackerel and in a couple of minutes it was back for more.Ugh!

    I got the hoops in, trying some deeper areas than I have been fishing and it paid off with a bunch of very nice bugs that crawled well before the moon got too high. It was an awesome night, with the air warm and almost summer sultry and a few showers with big fat drops that reflected the light of the nearly full moon. It was the prettiest evening I’ve spent there in a long time. I finished up culling a good limit with many of the nicer ones coming from some deep spots…over 20 fathoms!!! I’ve had some divers sharing some info and they were right, but pulling the gear from that deep is a lot of work!!!

    The wind came up by morning and cut short my plans of fishing yellows. There was an amazing amount of bird life and bait off the East End, all the bonito you want for more hoop bait.

    Now…as to the other pics…they were from the last trip. We were holding up a few for pics when the boat rolled and Natalie let the big bug she was holding get too close and the rest was history. It grabbed, she shrieked and as any good captain should I came to the rescue of my crew. It took some serious concentration but I forced myself to focus on the task at hand to get everybody untangled and we all had a good laugh afterwards.

    Good Luck and Good Fishing


  2. skelly1

    nice stomach.
  3. Duramax

    niiiiicee belly ring.

    Nice bibs!
  5. rza007

    hot chick
  6. Slater

    I dont see any lobster but thats one sweet tunafish......
  7. Richard Cranium

    Very Nice work

    do you have those numbers in your books? Since you posted it then publish it!
  8. mokaction

  9. spike

    how did you train that bug?
  10. Max Estep

    Nice quality bugs
  11. Y Go Home

    Maybe it is just me but that Mark guy looks just like Jason Kidd. BTW got the book and used it this summer and plan on using it this winter.
  12. byeye

    I would have screamed and told her to take her shirt off right away or the poison would penetrate the fabric and into her skin....Thnik man THINK
  13. reelnexotic

    Now this guy knows what he is talking about. Sweet job on the bugs
  14. UnReel

    Nice job Mark. Love the pics LOL!!!. Dude, your a he man pulling solo that deep.
  15. Saluki

    Great pix.
    Nice job on the deep water bugs.
  16. the hook

    Is that a rod-holder mounted, flip up hoop-pulling roller I see there behind you in picture #3?

    What kind of rope managenent system are you using. That is a lot of rope to hoop at 120'.

    HAHAHAHA! Great pic and hot girl!
  18. Tunanator

    Must have been a big male stud of a lobster.....knows what he wants.
  19. Father Ken

    Glad to see you posting on BD Mark. Hope too see more reports in the future. Tight Lines !
  20. DENEK

    That's a smart bug.:boobies: