Another Google Earth thread - post your stories

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by FishWiz, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. FishWiz

    I've been getting a kick out of looking up places I have lived, places I have traveled, etc, on Google Earth. Thought since the first Google Earth thread showing marinas, kinda died, I would try to get another started.

    Post pic(s) of cool looking locations AND brief story about it. Doesn't have to be fishing related. See if others can guess the location.

    Here's my first entry:

    First place I ever caught a sturgeon (easy if you know about sturgeon). Big overhead shot and close up of what those are parked in the water.

    First Sturgeon Location.jpg Closeup First Sturgeon Loc.jpg
  2. Stanley

  3. drmboy

    never caught a sturgeon or striper but tried many times in benicia
  4. Baja Dreamer

    That's an easy one!

    The mothball fleet in the Benicia/Matinez area! It's always been a sturgeon spot!


  5. FishWiz

    Bingo... Exactly... caught my first on a 4500 coffee grinder off of a 20 bow rider anchored between the mothball fleet. Ghost shrimp on double SS hooks..

    Ok.. anyone else got a good Google Earth pic/story?
  6. Jason Admin

    12 years old. Saw a big boil and the tail of the fish. I casted a red worm with blue flake near the boil. Even told my dad "I just saw a big bass".
    Picked up in less than 30 seconds. Waited while it mouthed the bait, set the hook and the fish took off in to the toolies.
    I had just got a POS 7' spinning reel combo. I remember it was a red pole with wire guides. The reel was all plastic. The fish took off and the top of the spinner where my drag was flew off. So I had no drag at all. I think that is what saved me... The fish had no pressure in the toolies. Got the top back on the spinner and my dad had already moved the boat over to the toolies with the trolling motor. Wound up, put a little pressure on the fish and she came right out. Netted. Flew back to the dock for weigh in. Released.

    Haven't fished LMB in 15 years :(. It used to be a lot of fun.

  7. Jason Admin

  8. The Notorious S.U.A

    Lake Hodges?
  9. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    I agree, Lake Hodges
  10. Mstonefish

    Hodges and Wohlford for misuse:D
  11. Dos Locos

    My first fish was a bluegill caught here back in 1972. The story goes that I allegedly buried it with some M&M's so it would have something to eat on the way to heaven. Since none of you guys are Southern boys, I know you'll never guess the place. It's Lake Lanier, Georgia.