Another "Avoided" Maintenance Request

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by Sea Hog, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Sea Hog

    Kudos go out again to Rob and Dave @ San Diego boats for another great opportunity to provide me technical support recommendations, rather then just perform an uneccessary maintenance request.

    Basically, I was requesting to have my impeller replaced since the boat is almost 3 years old. After a thorough discussion and some home diagnostic recommendations it was decided that replacing the impeller was not necessary. I only have 100 operating hours.

    This is not the first time this shop "talked me out" of spending money, and rather just provided me good technical feedback.

    My personal appreciation goes out to Rob and Dave.

  2. Rob Sanford

    Mike, thanks for the thumbs-up.....Your Yamaha powered Defiance is a great rig for keeping you out of the repair shop.

    Now go kill some fish!
  3. Derby

    That's weird. I have always subscribed to the idea that you change your impeller at 100 hours or 1 year which ever comes first.

    Rubber does not last forever and will dry out. I've changed out many "good" impellers for that reason. Then store it in my toolbox as an emergency spare and throw out last years, or 100 hours, replacement.

    If your dealer says otherwise and he also deals with your warranty by all means go with that.
  4. Sea Hog

    Yamaha and my maintenance team think I am ok for now. Although I seem to be somewhat premature in ensuring that I maintain proper maintenance for my boat, I was actually just complementing the great service I receive from Rob's team.

    I totally understand the disparity surrounding maintenance philosophy, but just wanted to convey my personal respect and appreciation for the genuine service I feel I receive from this team.

    Really just sharing the optimistic opportunity!


    It's 2 years now all manufactures recommend to replace it

    I have seen 5 year old impellers look perfect also
  6. Fishbones

    Change every 2 years, the blades on the impeller will take a set to the cup.
    New vs Old

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