animas river

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fly Fishing' started by pacho, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. pacho

    Just came back from Durango, CO. was there for a couple days and have the chance to wet a line. First time at a river and first time for trout. Just been out there was great!! after I figured out (some help from a local that was flyfishing) I was able to catch 4 trouts. The first one was the biggest. But unfortunally I did not had a net with me so, when I tried to lift it up by the belly (bonefish style) it hooked off. This is the only pic I have. It was really red on her belly. Gave me a good fight on a 6x tippet. I (want) beleive was about 14-16 inches. Second day, forgot to bring camara.

    Casting 22-24 nymphs in a double rigged with yarn indicator.


    animas abril 2007.jpg
  2. BiggestT

    Thanks for the report. The wife and I just love Durango. Never have fished the Animas there. Always fished the San Juan while staying in Durango.
  3. TheShark

    Right on :)

    The picture you do have looks nice
  4. pacho

    Thanks shelly. The pic I have burned in my memorie is the best one I can have. Actually is a whole video.:D :D