Andros jigging rods?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by DEA, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. DEA

    Hey any performance reports on the Okuma Andros jigging rods?

    Curious how the 2 piece rod behaves under load?

    Any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. johndtuttle


    what's the application?
  3. DEA

    Hiya John, jigging down at Sur and Farallons....7-14oz
  4. johndtuttle

    The Andros rods are kind of a hybrid that don't rapidly vertical jig that well due to being too long. For Rock fish and Lings you keep the jig close to the bottom and just impart a little action with lifts of the rods tip. You are probably more than familiar with this.

    So anyways, I took a couple of real deal jigging rods ($6-700) down to big sur just cause I wanted to play with them in 200' of water and learned a few things.

    1. The short (5'-5'6") was noticeably nice for the simple moving of the jigs, but rock fish and lings don't need high speed so the gain was minimal.

    2. Once hooked up, they are easier if you hold the rod as you bring the fish all the way to the boat. But the easiest way to bring heavy (but not hard fighting) rock fish to the boat is to just set the rod on the rail and winch. Actually traditional live bait sticks work better for this as their fore grip is longer and allow a more comfortable position.

    3. Otherwise they are actually more work than traditional sticks as they are optimized for aggressive working of the jig which is not needed for our sluggish cold water fish and more pulling power which is not needed in our waters (except perhaps for albies). You pretty much are forced to hold the rod rather than rail it whereas a rod that is easily railed is less work.

    4. For warm water species requiring aggressive retrieves and more pulling power (yellow tail and tuna) they are superior as their short length improves your leverage. Then the short jigging rods really come into their own are a superior to other deep jigging sticks, imo. The short length lets you lift and put the wood to them like nobodies business.

    So, if you are looking for a vertical jigging stick for LR out of SD or for traveling to catch warm water species then the Andros are not bad but there are better choices. Let us know what your budget is and we can make some recs.

    If you are looking for a great all around stick for our local waters then a traditional rod like a Calstar 700M is perfect for fishing 30-40lb for a huge number of species (rockfish, salmon, tuna live baiting etc).

    I would still take a true vertical jigging rod to Big Sur for fun and some practice because I don't get down south as much as I would like. And they would probably be my first choice just to get a work out. But straight taco meat fishin' a traditional stick is less work.

  5. DEA

    Hey John, that's the info I am looking for!

    I completely agree with your findings in 1-4, to the "T".

    The presentation I use for the local bottom fish is just like I would presenting a jig to fresh water bass.

    Current rod of choice for me is a Hercules M with a Trini 16. Pretty light outfit with more power than I will need for the bottom fish here.

    I've used the same setup down south with no complaints as well.

    That being said, since I primarily fish on a party boat I wanted to try a shorter rod for easier manuverability around other fisherman on the boat and a shorter rod for more leverage on my end.

    Working a heavier iron 10-14oz with the longer 7' stick even with slower movements in a bit wearing. So I figured a shorter stick would be the ticket.

    The other concern I have is the Andros rod stiff enough to work the jig in a slow presentation versus a faster retrieve? If the rod is too parabolic (like a Trevala) then it isn't going to work to well for me.

    Keep the info coming John!
  6. johndtuttle


    A 14oz is close to 400gms. Rods that are rated that heavy are what you are looking for and the Andros will be too soft.

    ps. Have you ever "gone long" with the Kahuna out of Moss for Rockfish well south of Pt. Sur? Serious quality down there...:)
  7. DEA

    Yeah, I know I am going to push the limit if I get the Andros, considering their limit on the Heavy version is 325gr.

    The R2S RR jigs I throw at top end is 300gr and on a very rare occasion do I but to 400gr.

    Budget? Great question there John.

    Is there a short compact rod (6'-ish) with an action and power like a Hercules but lighter?
  8. johndtuttle

    The Herc blanks are very light, but they are not built with the lightest components typically. Spinal or Black Hole make finished rods in the $3-400 range that all weigh less than a pound in total. or are your sources there. I would rec a 5'6" rod to really accomplish your goals. 6' is a half measure.

  9. DEA

    Gotcha John!

  10. johndtuttle

    Don't overdo it with true jigging rods. No heavier than a 350gm.

    With a 350gm BH you could land Cow tuna and nearly the same with a Spinal 350gm.

    The Andros 325 is a noodle in comparison.