An open appeal to CA Bowhunters

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by el Toro, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. el Toro

    Over the weekend I attended a meeting of the California Bowmen Hunter's Big Game Club. I heard some statistics that I found shocking. There are over 60,000 bowhunters in the state of CA today. There are only 1600 head of household members of the California Bowmen Hunters! This is our state archery and bowhunting organization. They are the only ones that represent us! Those numbers are down almost 50% from the peak in the mid 80's. I was disgusted to hear of the decline. I realize that a lot of this is CBH's own fault for not doing a better job of getting the word out and sharing news of some of the good works CBH has accomplished, but a lot of it also comes from bowhunter apathy too. I have made a personal pledge to help change that.

    CBH is more important and more relevant today than ever before. In case you haven't noticed, we, as hunters in California, ARE UNDER ATTACK! We are losing ground to activist anti-hunting groups and environmental extremists. The Humane Society of the United States (an ardent animal rights group) has infiltrated the DFG and is assisting in the training of warden cadets. They are also currently calling for the resignation of a Fish and Game comissioner who LEGALLY killed a mountain lion in another state. Science is being ignored and activism is winning. The snowball is rolling downhill and gaining momentum. Bear seasons are next. The San Luis Obisbo county bear season was recently voted down, and activists are lobbying for reductions and/or elimination of other bear hunting opportunites despite a booming population of bears that has nearly doubled in recent years. The Tejon Ranch has been shut down, one could surmise, at least partially in response to pressure from environmental activists. And we have certainly had our own trouble here at home with arguably overzealous game wardens.

    We must get involved and fight back. If you are a bowhunter in CA, I am asking that you join and support CBH and help do just that.

    CBH is the ONLY group in CA working for increased bowhunting opportunities and defending the seasons and tags we currently have. Here are a few of the things CBH has helped accomplish over the years:

    * Establishment of the very first archery only deer season in CA.
    * Establishment of archery specific elk tags. Fought and won when the DFG attempted to reduce tule elk tags in the Owens Valley.
    * Establishment of the first A22 archery season in San Diego county (that better hit close to home!)
    * Currently lobbying for an archery only tag to accompany the G3 mule deer hunt.
    * Currently lobbying for an archery only big horn sheep tag.
    * Fought the city of Burbank when they tried to outlaw the discharge of archery equipment.
    * Continued efforts by CBH's very active and aggressive legislative committee any time there is a threat to bowhunting and archery opportunity in the state of CA.

    If you are a bowhunter in the state of CA, and care about your hunting future, I challenge you to join CBH and help fight the good fight. The tide must turn if we expect hunting to be available for the next generation.

    Unfortunately the CBH website is down for repairs right now, but if you care to help make a difference and would like to join, PM me your address and I will personally mail you a brochure and membership form. It's $35 well spent! You get a monthly newsletter and discounts to CA archery shoots statewide.

    And if not CBH, get involved somewhere else. The time for apathy is over. This is not going to get better on it's own. Find a group you identify with. CWA, CDA, COHA, CAFNAWS, etc. Join, get involved, make donations to their legislative efforts, etc. Send letters/emails to our game commissioners. Blast them when they need it, and support them when they deserve it! We can't go down without a fight!

    Thanks for letting me rant.
  2. landman

    Nate thanks for the info and I will spread the word. That sucks that the commish has to deal with this shit. I think it would be a good idea if some of are outdoorsman's off-spring would apply for some of these jobs, it's the only way for the long haul (start teaching ).
  3. Anello

    Thanks Nate. Well deserved wake up call for all of us. Being an outdoorsman in california is slowly becoming illegal.....and unless we stand up and support the organizations with our interests in mind we shall lose our hunting and fishing opportunities.
  4. gatorfan

    If that isn't enough of a wake-up call, check this out:

    The comments are enough to make any hunter puke, but the number of these people that have signed a petition to oust Mr. Richard in just a few short days should be enough to scare the shit out of all of us!

    I don't have a lot of money, but I will at least join CBH again in order to support their efforts.
  5. el Toro

    That's the spirit! That makes Gatorfan and Anello so far. Way to step up gents!
  6. Anello


    Get involved if you can fellas. Moving forward, we are going to need all the help we can get....
  7. Warwick

    Did you see how many of them aren't even from this country? It's got to be around half.
  8. Cuernos

    Nate I'm in. I'll send you my info. The rest of you I hope step up.
  9. invictus

    Dropped the $35.

    Those animal maniac sites scare me.
  10. Anello

    Right on!!
  11. Anello

    Amen brother.....and thanks for stepping up!!!
  12. el Toro

    This is awesome! So far we have had several guys step up to the plate!
  13. el Toro

    The CBH Website is up and running, (then click on the membership link), but I will still send out hard copies to those I said I would.
  14. Sluester

    They've got a PDF forum you can print on the site.
  15. One Track

    Nice work Nate.

    I don't think CBH is sending out renewel applications. CBH can't expect everybody to remember to renew their memberships. Posts like these do help. But, need to get the renewel applications sent out when a membership expires. Just sayin'.
  16. el Toro

    They do. I just got mine. It's a yellow postcard.
  17. Turkey Slayer

    I just got into bow hunting, and agree that the Humane Society, tree huggers, and PETA whackos are really against us!!
    I want to send you my address.... how do you do the PM???
  18. el Toro

    Click on my user name and hit the button to send a private message.
  19. halibutnazi

    I was bowhunting (on my own in the woods of Georgia) at the age of 11.

    I signed Care2's petition (supporting Dan Richards of course). I pointed out that the State of California kills over 400 mountains lions a year via government hunters and issuance of depredation permits to ranchers and farmers. I asked the question why is it not o.k. for a CA resident to take a trophy sized mountain lion legally in another state?

    I called them a bunch of hypocrites. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  20. SERGIO

    I'm in like Flynn. Going to the site now.