Amazing site (and you thought Haiti was a shithole)

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  1. Stanley

    Just watched 1 thru 6 and I think they'll add 7 & 8 in the next week or so (scroll down to see additional parts). Check out the one on North Korea, too. Pretty interesting. Next time your kids start complaining...have them take a look how some people live.

    The Vice Guide to Liberia 1 of 8 | VBS Newsroom | VBS.TV
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  2. Saluki

    Good thing we don't have cruise ships from the U.S. debarking there too or else.......
  3. MikeyLikesIt

    I thought I would like to see Dubai. Now, not so much.....
  4. fliper45

    Truely Hell on Earth! Wow what a shit hole!
  5. slimwill

    Wow!! Now those MF's are crazy!
  6. Buttchaser

    Crazy shit! The eat humans like if it was chicken!
  7. Sluester

    Hurry send some money to them......:D
  8. PFflyer

    They don't need any aid!
    They may be skinny as fuck but they have (although reluctant) abundant food supply!
  9. BuonaForTuna

    Man those are some sick fucks... Worse then Iraq.
  10. tuna taxi

    Yeah, let's get a telethon going.
  11. tuna taxi

    Text 'more guns' to 5423742 (Liberia) and make your $10 donation now!!!
  12. jorge91919

    MANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! :eyepoppin
  13. Trebo

    Holy Shit! Watched all 8 episodes - What a buzzkill. Compelling, Scary, and Hard-to-Believe. Makes the stuff on programs like "60 Minutes" look staged and awkward. Makes some movie plots easier to believe. Some BIG balls on the documentarians. I'd sooner take my chances under some ruble in an earthquake as there. Interesting that there can be a place at this point in Human History that is that Fucked Up. Very Very Scary.I expect to have nightmares soon.