Aluminum Boats

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Aluminum Boats! What brand is your Favorite

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  1. Gregor

    14 vote(s)
  2. Valco/Klamath (makers or the Bayrunner)

    23 vote(s)
  3. Pacific

    10 vote(s)
  4. Almar

    0 vote(s)
  5. Rock Salt (you must be rich)

    1 vote(s)
  6. Something else (Please explain)

    10 vote(s)
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  1. m_mcgourty

    I was wondering who you boys thought makes the best Aluminum boats. I grew up on a 14' Gregor, so I'm kind of prejudice towards them, but I notice that they rarely are mentioned in the threads and you rarely see them on the water or for sale. Just wondering what and why is more popular?
  2. watch-n-learn

    Ironwood. sick ass boats, check em out.
  3. bottomdweller

  4. m_mcgourty

    Yah I checked out there website. Expensive and riveted together.
  5. Geordybass

    Gregor and Klamath are pretty similar and the best.
  6. USMCfish

    my valco kicks ass and so did my pops gregor...
  7. SeaHawk IV

    Gregor because I have one but unfortunately it's up for sale.

    It handles rough water very well. From a birds eye view of the hull, it's shaped like a pie. From the tip of the bow, it flares out continuously to the stern. This allows the hull to cut through the rough stuff with it's true deep-v hull design.
  8. m_mcgourty

    I looked it up. OMG that's my dream boat. If I had the cash I'd buy it. I hope you sell it to someone worthy...
  9. bugman

    my gregor (baja special) was built in 1980!!
  10. 805gregg

    I had a 14' Duroboat, great little boat.
  11. Mo Betta

    My 12' Gregor was built in 1972.
  12. DoubletroubleII

    I may be out of your realm of thinking of because the Gregor/Valco/Runner boats are great boats but are what considered lightweight aluminums.

    There are lots of great aluminum boats, but I prefer the thicker gauge type boats, such as Jetcraft, Northriver, Duckworth, etc. I currently have a Harbercraft who is now Harber~Jetcraft boats. The models made here in the states are Jetcraft and the Canadian made boats are Harbercraft boats.

    When I was looking for my new aluminum boat I wanted something strong because I often run my boat up on the shore of lakes and beaches and didn't want scuff problems like on glass boats. Plus I wanted something that was great on fuel economy so aluminum came to mind.

    I selected Harbercraft at the time, 1997, because it had a patient on pre-stress aluminum panel process that gave them much more strength that just the standard panel/weld process. At the time Harbercraft was the only one that had this technology but since they merged with Jetcraft they also now have the prestressed panels.

    The other thing I wanted was a closed bulkhead so when I was out in rough water I could crash throught the waves and not get soaked or have water rinsing the interior of my boat. My Harbercraft has worked great.

    Like most boaters I try to stay away from big water but if you go out a lot and go out far sometimes you get surprised. And all of a sudden your in 6+ seas and glad you have the closed bulkhead to keep you dry.
  13. fatfish619

    If I had good credit, I would get a Crestliner or SeaArk. (As far as aluminum goes)
  14. m_mcgourty

    I checked out their website, those are nice boats, but they don't see to have a center console.
  15. fatfish619

  16. welder

    I chose Pacific because they are AMERICAN MADE, one piece bottoms [ 1/4" ] 5086 Marine Garade Alloy and priced right .

    I had a '85 bay runner 18' [ Klamath now] and that would be my choice for a sheet metal boat.

    I have over 150 boat Manufactures on my forum • Index page from all over the world , come take a look.

    Something else, in the poll, you are mixing Plate boats with Sheet boats , not a good comparison dollar wise.

    If you want a Klamath or a Pacific contact Kenny at Tradewind Inflatables & Marine there in Orange county. 949-335-8909
  17. brokeass boater

    I have a 14' Klammath (all welded) and love it. With A 25 HP motor hauls ass with a full load. I have duck hunted in 25-30 mph winds across Franks tract (open water) lots of bow spray into the wind but very stable. And have beach launched into small 3' surf at Anchor bay Ab diving. My son has a 14' smokercraft with 30" sides, I have never rode in it but looks like a very well built boat but it has rivets
  18. cksea

  19. Afry

    Welder's site is great. He is right about plate vs. tin - huge difference in quality and price, cannot compare the two. There is a nice Pacific 2025 in SD for cheap on his site.

    One bonus to this crappy economy is that aluminum boats are back in many folks price range. Tin boats used to be a great starter boat then suddenly they were way the fuck overpriced in Socal at least. I priced a 17' Klamath with a 50 E-tec a couple years ago and they wanted 30k+ with no electronics - wtf?

    I picked up a fixer but running 85 18' Bayrunner here on BD for $1500 and in the process of creating the ultimate bug boat. Yes it leaks but not for long!
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2010
  20. fatfish619