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Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by soulpatch, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. soulpatch

    Tearing down my wee little gregor and am going to gut it completely.
    Do you guys run wire in conduit?
    Got a few welds that need doing etc....
    Also, question about stainless steel through aluminum and electrolysis. Should I be using aluminum thru bolts?
  2. welder

    What are you bolting on/through ?
    A chase would br cool to run your wire through. Be sure to use Marine , Tin Coated wire.
  3. soulpatch

    I have those launch wheels on the stern of my gregor since I launch across beaches occasionally. Also the wood seats to the benches and a bilge pump that I installed to the braces in the stern and a battery switch.
    I do use the marine wire. I don't have too much to run, just for the FF and radio to a little fuse box I installed.
  4. baaadlybent

    Hey amigo. Once you put that deck back on (does it have a deck?) it is nice to have conduit to pull future wires through. Yes, stainless bolts and screws will eventually result in some electrolysis of the surrounding aluminum, but if you look at my Bayrunner it uses all ss screws and they are okay after eight years. I give them a regular coat of corrosionx or other spray. If they are below the waterline or subject to regular saltwater spray sometimes I will dab a light smudge of silicon on them, almost like a smear. Just like coating black liquid electrical tape stuff on your power panel. It keeps it looking fresh underneath. You headed down soon? Do anymore work on your deck?
  5. dbar

    I had a 21' gregor and when I did a complete rebuild on it....Yes I ran my stuff through conduit. I also foamed the intire bottom before I put down the new deck, it made for a lot less vibration in choppy weather. Check all your stringers for cracks or loose bolts. My stringers were in bad shape, but with a little TLC the boat was bad ass when it was finished!!!
  6. soulpatch

    Heading down the week after Easter with family, I am starting school so I have to work around that......deck is in standstill mode......manana....
    No, no deck in the boat, it is only the 14 footer. I have thought of a small deck, it would be cool but I would need a bigger OB than the 15hp and, of course, then I would just say screw it and need a bigger vessel. The wallet just isn't big enough at this time.....although it would be easy to justify.
    Going to start tearing down today.