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  1. divedemo

    Well folks it official. I have just accepted the Explosive Safety Officer position on PMRF Barking Sands Kauai and will be leaving San Diego, last day here is 23 July. My lovely bride of 27 years and I went to McKinley High in Honolulu and have always wanted to get back to the island life. With my daughter off to college this year we are empty nesters and looking forward to the change as we have been in SD for quite a while.
    We will keep the boat here in SD and return for fishing trips as much as possible.
  2. Group Fun

    What a great place, my parents own a house that they rent out there. Nicest people in the world on the that island. No crime and everbody is cool. My parents had to do some repairs to the house one year after a hurricane and were there over thanksgiving, 3 families, 2 of them they didnt know brought them a thanksgiving dinner while they were working on the house. Great people and good living. Congrats and good luck! :cheers:

  3. Vermonster

    First Pete, then Bernie...... Bloodydecks moves to Hawaii... Let's go!!!!! :D

    Best of luck to you Bernie!!!!! Be safe, Be Happy, and good fishing to you!!!!!! :cheers:
  4. salty nuts


    We never met in person but talked on telephone a few times. It was a pleasure and I wish you the best of luck!


    TailChaser 25' Davis Bahia
  5. MikeyLikesIt

    What is PMRF?

    I would assume its a military installation?

    so, you blow stuff up? hmmmmmmmm......maybe a "different" way to land those non-biting bluefin....... :)
  6. Pickleboy

    wish i could afford a move like that and still have enough money to return to s.d. to fish at leisure !!!!!!!!
  7. divedemo

  8. kepdawg

    Are you moving there for good or gonna kick it for a few years?
    Gonna buy anouther boat to fish there?
    Watch out for that mojo buddy LOL.
    Oh wait thats the PI. LOL
    Keep in touch and lets see you beat that other hinze 57 guy to a grander!
    I'm jealous, bloody decks must be moving to the islands and the fish are getting scared!
  9. divedemo

    The plan is to chill over there for few years and come back. Of course plans change...standby for some island reports. May talk my boat partner into coming over and move the boat do some charter stuff later down the road. Who knows but it sure sounds like an adventure
  10. divedemo

    Mike we call that a Dupont lure, crude but effective
  11. Swazi

    Sounds like a nice move to me. We used to surf at Polihale back in the late 60's early 70's. Damm that was a long time ago! The MP's had to come down and chase us out of the water. Pretty trippy sitting out in the lineup watching missles launch.

    Good luck Bernie!