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    Former 'Let's Go Fishing' host dies at age 66

    HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - One of Hawaii's local fishing icons died early
    Wednesday morning.

    Hari Kojima, former host of "Let's Go Fishing" and "Hari's Kitchen," passed
    away in his Kaneohe home.

    According to family members, Kojima was battling the final stages of

    Kojima began his career as a Tamashiro Market fish cutter.

    He was 66 years old.

    I used to religiously watch this show every Sunday.....
    He could cut some fish..........
    God Bless.... Hope you're catching the Big Ones that got away.
  2. hiloboy

    Rest in Peace in Hari, you were a good man. My condolances to his family and friends.
  3. popoki

    Mahalo for feeding the fire all those years
  4. Morris Lures

    That's sad. God bless and rest in peace Hari.
  5. edgewater

    Thanks Hari for the wonderful memories. My condolences to your family.
  6. hanapaakikijo

    Will miss him saying "ok gang" on tv wearing shorts and rubba slippahs! Instant classic. Hari you will be missed by many. Mahalo!
  7. da reel man

    aloha hari hope you havin a cold one up there.
  8. JimmyK

    My condolences to the Kojima family. Got a lot of good memories watching him on tv, especially him feeding fish eyeballs to Bruce Carter, LOL... Maybe that's what he is doing with Bruce now, still feeding him eyeballs.
    Hari, thanks for your recipes, good eats, sharing your talent of fish cutting, and fun times on tv!

    Im sure Hari is with the fishing GODS and having a chat with Bruce Carter on their next fishing trip aboard the GOLDEN MARLIN and having an Olympia beer.
    Hari will be missed by all,but lets Go Fishing will live on for ever in are hearts & memories.
    Aloha Mr.K
  10. patfishhi

    Aloha Hari, thanks for the memories and stoking the fire.
  11. Eastcapedon

    I will never forget Hari Kojima and Bruce Carter. I could not wait for their show to come on every Sunday. What memories!

  12. Smudge

    Oh wow :(! Fair winds and following seas Hari!
  13. J_B

    Aloha bruddah Hari you will be greatly missed. Solid gold reels with diamond and ruby lure heads an da biggest fish! "Let's go catching"
  14. russell kato

    What fond memories of Hari and Bruce Carter bringing weekly fishing adventures into your living room! Never met Hari but was always impressed at his fish cutting skills......the best that I every seen! May he find eternal peace and the really "BIG ONES" in his final resting place.

    If I remember correctly, didn't Hari once give Bruce Carter some smoking Hot chili pepered fish or WASABI.....
    Bruce crashed and burned in flames trying to get a drink to put out the FIRE.:rofl:
  16. opunui

    Hari you will be forever ingrained in our memories.Great Tips and Tall Tails.

  17. Jus10

    R.I.P...(rest in paradise)I remember the song at the beging of his show...i watched that show from as far back as i can remember.....small kid days.....i loved the part where "no matter if your young or if your old just grab some bait and your fishing pole and lets go fishin today" he can go fishin again...go get um hari.....
  18. Pupule

    That drink was Olympia Beer, and Bruce used to tank that stuff down, chili or no chili ;)

    That Sunday lineup of Wild Kingdom, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, Let's Go Fishing and The Wonderful World of Disney had me glued to the TV set every week.

    I remember when Hari would prepare some poke or sashimi, and hand a plate to Bruce. He'd put it in his mouth and chew on it for a while with a pained smile on his face, and nod his head until they'd cut away to commercial. Rumor had it that Bruce would spit it out as soon as they were off camera! :D

    I wish Hari fair winds, calm seas, and many solid 5-bangers in that big ahi pile in the sky.
  19. Diesel II

    Went fishing with Harry on Midway Island for a week. Had to limit the boat trips to two hours. We would fill the boat with Ahi. By far the best time of my life on the water with the MASTER of Hawaii fishing.

    Aloha Harry........
  20. jarredondo684

    ...And if the fish don't bait it'll be alright cuz the next one you catch you betta hold on tight!

    I watched him as a kid on reruns in Samoa. He did commercials for Diamond G rice too, right? Tofa my feleni!