Alligator ribs

Discussion in 'Fishing and Hunting Cooking Recipes' started by cretin, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. cretin

    The local BBQ on the island had gator ribs for the special tonight. Really different flavor...epecially from the bones. Almost a fishy taste.
  2. Bud B

    I've bought gator loin from a specialty butcher in Ramona. It is awesome!!

    Also have gotten ostrich, boar, rabbit, buffalo, elk, etc. The rabbit is my second favorite after the gator.
  3. m_mcgourty

    Care 2 share the butcher?
  4. cretin

    Can find out if you really want to know
  5. Bud B

    Bisher's Meat Company. Ramona Ca.

    I have ordered exotic meats off the net as well. Typically better availability and price then Bishers. But I do pop in to Bishers when I have an immediate craving.

    One of my favs is Crawfish. I just buy the cooked and shelled meat. I like it more then lobster, crab, shrimp.