allbright and RP knot.

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by HTA, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. HTA

    I have spent the better part of today (5-6 hours) tying both of these knots with 40 lb mono to 50 lb spectra and have been unable to acheive a breaking strength of more than 15 lbs. I have had the knot unravel, spectra breaks just before the knot and the mono breaks just behind the knot. Should I expect more than 15 pounds or am I just not tying them correct?
  2. sdfishkiller

    What is the name of the knot where you tie a uni in the mono and ten wraps up and ten wraps down in the spectra, then pull spectra tight?
  3. makohunterz

    ive never had an albright break on me during real life fishing situations, so ive never thought to check, but I have faith in it
  4. xpolari3earx

    Bob Sands Knot.
  5. Cast Gold

    Albright tag should go out the way it came into the looped mono, so that the mono "U" at the end of the spectra wraps have both strands of spectra parallel. Otherwise it slips. I don't tie a knot with the mono when I use the Albright, up to 60#. Above 60, I serve with nail knots.
  6. saltwaterfish

    try a bimini in the spectra and a worm knot in the mono/fluoro
  7. bradnoble

    I use a modified Albright and finish with a 3 turn uni knot. I have never had a failure.........yet......:rofl:
  8. REK

    What I've seen is they double the spectra with a seven turn surgeons knot first, then do the albright/RP knot with the doubled spectra. Spectra going in/out mono loop the same direction. I personally use a modified Pena.
  9. okie man

    when i tie the albright without a bimini first the spectra breaks just outside of the knot . that sound right?
  10. HTA

    This makes up 70% of all the breaks and like I said it averages right around 15 pounds on my scale.

  11. okie man

    what brand of spectra are you using. i have some power pro and big game spectra that just doesn't knot well. i've tied straight to the hook for testing and i get 50% knots at best.
  12. BiggestT

  13. HTA

    I have been using 50 and 65 pound izorline solid spectrs.
  14. screamingreel

    Hello Dan,

    If you are looking for more knot strength connecting solid spectra to monofilament Nylon/Fluoro lines, try using a Bimini in your spectra connected with a Bristol or Modified Albright with the mono/fluoro.

    Works for me up to 50 lbs...line usually breaks before the knot.

    However, for 40 lbs and above, I usually use hollow spectra with an end loop (or solid spectra with a bimini) and attach my topshot's hollow end loop with a cat's paw knot. It goes through the guides much better and is very strong.

    Works for me...

    - Jeff Burroughs