Albin 25 Getaway with Trailer

Discussion in 'Members Boats For Sale' started by getrolfed, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. getrolfed

    $15,000 Firm SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!

    I have seen this year and model advertised anywhere from $12,500 (without trailer) to over $50,000. Most seem to be around $25,000. Having said that, some ads seems to be up for a long time. I don't know what people sell their boats for at the end of the day, but this time of the year it is less than spring time. If my boat does not sell in the next few months I will keep it. If you look at the NADA value for mine and add in the trailer it well over $20,000. My loss is your gain. I recently purchased a much smaller boat (Arima Sea Ranger 19) that works better for my 82 year old father. When I bought the Albin Getaway I had it transported from Florida to Montana for around $2500 using Uship. I believe it can be moved anywhere in North America for around that price. The overall height with the arch in the "up" position is about 12'6". More more information I have put together a website. Do a search for Albin24 and you will find it.

    My understanding is that this model did not sell very well. Fewer than 50 Getaways were ever built. If you know anything about Albin boats they have an excellent reputation. They are very well built and tend to be expensive. This is not a mass-produced boat. This boat was sold as a 24 foot and as a 27 foot. I believe the difference was the swim grid and pulpit. Mine has both, but the Florida title says it is a 24 foot.

    I suspect this boat has not been used very much and that the previous owner was knew how to drive it. See the pictures. The upper hull has no evidence of damage that could be expected from an inexperienced helms-man with a keel-drive. Keep in mind that I do not have the bimini top, outriggers, or any fenders. I suspect they are sitting in the ex-owners shop, but he is no longer around. It took me a while just to get the electronics from the estate. In any case, you can see from the first picture that the bimini is a simple design. Ideally, a hardtop would be nice... but that's just my opinion.

    This is not a small boat. It is a premium boat. I think it would be great for serious fishing and would hold its value very well.

    If anyone has some suggestions or input I would certainly appreciate hearing from all you B-D members!

    1992 Albin Getaway "Gabby"
    Hull ID#: AUL24120D292
    Length on Title: 24' 2"
    Net weight 5200 lbs (NADA)
    beam: 8' 6" (NADA)
    Pleasurecraft Marine 5.7 HO
    extensive cleaning inside and out
    hull buffed and in excellent condition; minor scuffs only
    upper deck has oxidation that has not been buffed
    130 gallon aluminum fuel tank installed in 2006
    (2) new blige blowers with hoses
    (1) new blige pump (below engine
    swim grid (option)
    Hydrallic trim tabs
    Hydrallic Steering
    aluminum arch with rocket launchers (option)
    anchor pulpit (option)
    small anchor chain/rope included
    custom outboard engine mount (aluminum)
    outrigger mounts (missing poles)
    bimini top bows (missing canvas)
    marine head with holding tank
    single burner alcohol stove
    new lexan windscreens
    propeller - removed and cleaned (excellent condition)
    rudder - cleaned, replaced zincs[/list][/list]

    2004 QuickLoad Boat Trailer
    3000 46th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL33714, (727) 527-5078
    VIN#: 420BB253441TR6626
    Model#: 2725
    trailer factory weight: 840 lbs
    GWVR: 10,000 lbs
    4 new tires - August 2012
    New bearings on all axles - August 2012
    New lighting on trailer
    New brake assemblies - August 2012 (has not been in water since new brakes)
    tows excellent with Ford F250

    Navigation & Electronics
    Humminbird 937c GPS Fishing System & Chartplotter
    SI-TEX SP-70 Autopilot
    CD player
    Marine Radio (missing antena)
    Ritchie Compass
    Flowscan (Gallons Per Hour Fuel)
    XINTEC M2-A 2 Channel Gasoline Fume Detector
    Engine Temperature
    Oil Pressure
    Fuel Guage

    The current engine is a PCM 5.7 H.O. (approx. 290 - 320 HP) with a Borg Warner Velvetdrive Transmission. According to NADA the boat came with a 235 HP Chrysler. When I got the boat it had been sitting for a long time. The owner passed away in February 2012, so it could have been for a number of years. The fuel tank (130 Gallons) had been replaced in 2006, perhaps the engine at the same time? The engine hour meter shows less than 150 hours. We removed the engine and stripped it down. In the process I damaged one piston. Rather that trying to replace just one, I replace all eight with Speed Pro Hyperneutic pistons with Mahle Chromemoly rings. The cyclinders were in good condition (standard bore). We honed them out and reassembled the engine. The starter was also replaced with a brand new one.

    There are a number of items that need attention.

    New brakes, tires, and lights on trailer (has not been in water since)
    Engine installed and connected (has not been run)
    New oil filter, engine oil level is good
    All water lines have been drained, pumps disconnected
    Entire boat has been cleaned inside and out
    Main bilge pump has been replaced
    Two (2) bilge blowers and all 4" blower lines have been replaced
    One blower vent was replaced

    Not Done (known issues)
    Starter connections need to be double checked
    Distributor should be in proper position, but timing needs to be checked
    Hour meter needs to be connected (new wires have been installed)
    Engine coolant level is not full (likely short less than one gallon)
    Transmission oil was drained, but not replaced yet
    Inlet cooling water strainer needs a new rubber seal (old one is in place but broken)
    Old batteries are in poor condition, need two new batteries (27 series deep cycle) **These have both now been replaced** Ground cable needs checking
    One or more dash switched need replacing (easy to access)
    Several floor hatches have damaged latches (not essential to replace)
    Manual diaphram hand pump is not connected (not sure if it was for black water holding tank or for bilge)
    There are several pumps that are not in use that appear to be redundant
    There is no bimini canvas. A simple one could easily be constructed
    Front hatch (skylight) has one broken lever (still works, but half the handle is missing)

    UPDATE: October 29, 2012 - I had someone come and look at the boat and we hooked up batteries to it. Absolutely nothing was getting any power. We noticed the main ground wire on the block had not be attached properly, and it still is not. It is winter here and the boat is in storage. It will need the wires traced. I believe the issue is minor as this was not a problem before the engine was removed.

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  2. ?? fisherman

    Gawd some of these boat deals lately are killing me!!!

    Are these pictures recent??

    I gotta tell you. even if that boat was minus an engine, that price would still be pretty good IMO.

    Sweet boat and a shaft drive at that.......... nice!!

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  3. Whiskey

    Nice sled. I gotta get a better job. Good luck with the sale, sweet deal.
  4. HBfisherman

    Holy shit, that is a sweet setup.
  5. getrolfed

    These pictures were taken about three weeks ago, just before putting the boat into winter storage. Keep in mind we have a cold winter here in Canada. This boat won't get into the water until April here at the earliest!
  6. hendo7

    looks like some perfect boat for me but could not find too much details on the boat through the internet, i would like the estimates on cruising speed and wide open,sounds like the weight of the boat somewhat loaded is around 7700 LBS which is ok for me but whats the speed and handling like with the boat in our ocean year round Albins have a reputation of good rough water trawlers but i cant find much about this boat and it seams like a total different design then any other Albins, is it a trawler type of hull or a somewhat semi planning hull ?
  7. getrolfed

    I would suggest contacting Albin Marine directly. My impression is that it is a scaled down version of the other models, but that may be because much of it simply looks the same to me (keel, hull, windows, etc...). If you go to the Albin Owners website you may get some information from people there, but I would suggest talking to the manufacturer first. There were not a lot of these made and its far too easy for someone to make statements about the specifications that are not true. I've had this happen.

    I believe the hull is a planning hull as it has trim-tabs and I've read that people are cruising at 25 mph or more. Having said that, I notice that it like the same as the 28 foot models that use small inboard diesels (~70 hp) which are clearly not planning!

    You could also contact other owners who have this model to find out about their experience with the performance. One owner reported that their's was good on fuel ~ around 5 mpg, but it was unclear to me at what speed they were measuring the economy. My main engine is newer and a bit over-sized. I'm not sure what this would do for the economy. I was planning to use a 4-stroke outboard for cruising up the coast at low speed. I figured I could connect the outboard to the rudder and use the autopilot to steer.

    As far as the weight goes, currently the boat has a full tank of fuel (120 Gal). That alone would be about 1000 lbs. NADA says the boat alone is 5200. It all adds up!
  8. getrolfed