Albies/Yellows; from the 43 to the 181

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Annieo, May 15, 2005.

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  1. Annieo

    After having a cold beer and warm shot at 10:30pm Friday night, 5/13/05, I left Lee/Heatherlynn and his crew of Gato Gordo, Sportin' Wood and Daryl from Star Lures, and headed to find my skipper for the weekend, Phil/Knot Now. Got a few winks in while we waited for his friend Bill to show up from 29 Palms. We got underway on schedule around 2:30am. This weekend would be an exercise in patience.

    We headed to the 43 arriving early. We fished for nada. Headed down the 188 line por nada as well. The paddies weren't easy to find and there were sometime hours in between seeing one. We kept going to the Mushroom and also the 60 mile bank. By now it is almost noon and things didn't seem to be any better for most on the radio.

    At about noon, we netted our wayward pencil that rolled itself into the ocean. Believe it or not, at this point we were feeling pretty good about catching SOMETHING.

    Our luck finally changed but only a bit as we made our way to the 391 and caught our first fishies at almost 1pm. We scored 4 YT off one patio and farmed a couple. We found another along the way where we picked up a YT for each of us. The next stop was another patty and as we were reeling in the feathers, Bill hooked up on our only albie of the trip. It was very exciting. The water down there was the most beautiful I've seen it in a long while. Crystal clear, aquamarine with temps ranging from about 63 degrees to 70.

    We then headed to the 371 for nada again and made our way back to the Coronado Islands to anchor up for the night. It was cool but calm and we were all tired.

    We awoke to overcast skies and got underway about 5:30am to look around. There was major bird action near Pukey Point and the bait was boiling everywhere we went. Picked up some really big mackerals that we used later for bait. We slow-trolled around the middle grounds and then decided to head to the 302 even though the radio reports were poor. We ran into some NICE patties but none of them holding. The porpoises put on an incredible show for us for breakfast.

    We then made our way to the 181 and then home. We only got bit once this whole Sunday. We also saw what appeared to be a pod of sharks only to find a trio of giant Mola. Very cool.

    All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better weekend though. Beautiful weather, crystalline waters and fish, although no one was biting.

    Phil and Bill were excellent traveling companions and Phils 26' Blackman rode beautifully.

    It was also nice hear so many BDers on the water, Papa J, Heatherlynn, Full Tilt, SurfDoc, Finaddict, Cha-Ching and Ricke.babu and a few others I can't remember. Felt like we were in good company!

    It was a lot of work for ended being one Albie, 7 tails and one red rock fish. The albie weighed over 26lbs and the tails were from 7.5lb to almost 13, but totally worth it. I can honestly say this Saturday was one of the nicest days on the water.




    1. Things were getting desperate as we netted the pencil for some action.

    2. Our Bloody Deck

    3. The porpoise show

    4. Bill with his Albie

    5. Phil with some of his tails

    6. Me with one of my tails.

    7. And our bounty.

    Pencil.jpg bloodydeck.jpg dolphns.jpg Bill.jpg phil.jpg annieo.jpg fish.jpg

    hey annieo, You got the job done and it sounded like a fun trip to boot!! Nice catching!!
  3. Surfdoc

    Nice report and a great weekend to be on the ocean.

  4. Rob E

    Sounds like a great time on the pond.

    Thanks for the detailed report.

  5. Sofia Rose

    I have to say the same. Beautiful day on the water.
    Fishing was very diffucult for most of us.
    Thanks for coming by on friday night and having a few with all of us.
    Glad to hear you got an albie
  6. Dos Locos

    Good report chica, you got more feeshhhh than we did.
  7. firekel

    Glad somebody's out catching, these reports are making me itchy to get out, 1 more week and vaca. for 12 days. See you guys at the coral.
  8. Captain Curt

    Sounds like you all had a pretty good weekend for as tough as it's been out there. Glad to see ya get out on the pond. Hope you brought your Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiints ;) Thanks for the great report and killer pictures.


    The boat Hanna........
  9. Double Z

    "It was cool but calm and we were all tired.""""""""""

    You are missing some "Detail" here. Let's hear about what happened at night there Studmuffin! I see at least two guys and one female type person. Bow, chica chica bow bow goes the music!

    "We awoke to overcast skies and got underway about 5:30am to look around. "

    Yes, I do think I'm funny. I know what you mean about the water. Very cool. You had good temps. I am attempting to sit this week out. I'm scheduling some training to keep myself off the water. It's not working all that well though since I keep making calls to possible boat Ho's. I was even considering going to the Sierra's for some bait, I mean trout.
  10. Knot Now

    I had a great time with Bill and you as my crew. Bill put together a great dinner of tri-tip and rice... You are great at spotting the patties and are learning the quirks of handling my boat (she still throws me a curve every once in a while after 1 year [500 hours] of ownership). Soon I'll be napping as the two of you find the fish... HA HA HA. You are welcome anytime on boat.
  11. JTAP

    Cool Annie, seems like a good weekend.
  12. hotrod

    I enjoyed reading about your fishing weekend...very nice photos too. You were in good company w/ Phil and Bill...2 great guys.

    Nice job on the fish! :)
  13. Mr. Len

    Good read over a cup of coffee. What a way to spend the weekend.
  14. Katana

    Looks like fun... Congrats on the fishies Annie...
  15. sushiholic

    didnt that 26 black man use to be owned by Harvey ? SWEEET ride, you are a lucky dog ! :drool:
  16. Saluki

    Nice job on the tails :appl:
  17. skippajack

    Sounds like a fun trip and you caught fish to!!!!
  18. Knot Now

    Harvey was the PO
    I have had her for a year.