Albacore live bait, and soft bait rigging info?

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by RecklessPursuit, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. RecklessPursuit

    I am a newby to Tuna fishing and I'm looking for some help on Live bait rigs.
    Hook size, ringed or not ringed,leader info, weight ect... What are your favorite rigs
    Also soft swim bait info how heavy, what size swim baits?
  2. Stryker20

    For live bait hooks, I have #2 and #4 ringed flyliner hooks from Owner.

    If there's a need for any weight at all, the rubber core twist weights are easiest to use, quick on, quick off. Rare to use em though.

    Swimbaits = Big hammers in 4", 5.5" and 6.5"
    Use the two smaller sizes for casting, and the 6.5" for trolling.
    3/4oz up to 2.5oz heads from Ken at Q-Cove. Get your Jinkai floro leader material from him too. It's good shit.
    Patterns I run are Pacific Chovy, Green Sardine, Glow Sardine and Deep Purple.

    Don't forget Jigs - The old Dennis Braid "Slammer" jigs are nice. I like the crippled herring jigs in 3 or 4oz too. I have used the Pucci jigs too, but haven't landed a longfin on one yet.

    These are just the lures I've used, and this really doesn't scratch the surface. Lot's of intel here though.
  3. wdlfbio

    #4 will be the most often used hooks. Make sure they are for tuna. You will be very sorry if you buy regular live bait hooks!