Alaskan spring? kings!

Discussion in 'Alaska & British Columbia Fishing Reports Forum' started by Kodiakcombos, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. Kodiakcombos Advertiser

    We took a break from jigging Pcod to troll kings and scored! Conrad hooked up first at 62 feet with his rigged herring, then I dropped my herring down to 125 and snagged one on the side! I thought it was a halibut then it surfaced then sounded and was very heavy! felt like 80lbs!

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  2. PheasantHunter

    Nice fish! Looks cold.
  3. Kodiakcombos Advertiser

    Fishing in that snow kicked our ass!
  4. fisherman from

    hardcore fishing,,,sweet.
  5. la vida

    What is that white all over the boat stuff?
  6. Crackerjack Advertiser

    Nice fat King!!
  7. rex

  8. karlk1125

    Bad ass dude!!!
  9. TMaschmeyer96

    Nice man! Looked like quite an adventure!!
  10. lilharcher

    seriously extreme stuff.
  11. dragonballs

    Great job thanks for sharing. Those are nice looking kings
  12. lynndeva

    gawd that looks cold.. no cooler needed!

    nice springer right there.
  14. offshmar


    Now thats extreme Salmon fishing and your photo should be on the front page of BD.
  16. Hector Arevalo

    Capt. you should go and catch some fish, then show your pic.