Alaskan Halibut fishing

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  1. Reel Magic

    Halibut fishing in Ninilchik Alaska.

    Day 1.. May best day. Departed around 0800, for a 7 mile ride to the fishing grounds, took about a half hour. Weather was near 60 deg, fairly clam seas, water temp 42 and off color green. Kevin, our guide carries 6 fisherman on his boat the Butt Chaser... just the right number, his boat is aluminum and around 26', a very stable fishing platform. Kevin supplies all the gear, tackle and bait.... good gear, short stand rods spooled with spider wire.
    The terminal tackle consisted of weights and a #12 circle hook and herring for bait. Kevin anchors the boat, rigs the rods, baits them... you d rop your rig to the bottom... catch the fish, hopefully get them to the surface were Kevin boats your fish, removes the hook, re-baits your rig and then takes care of the fish. All you do is fish. You are fishing in about 90-100' of water. The bottom is flat, sand/pebble/mud mix. Changed weights to match the tide
    flow, max weight we used was around 3#, but we fished a 1-2# weight most of the time. You just wanted enough weight to feel the bottom, not anchor the boat.
    I had 3 of the 5 shooters for the day, biggest fish weighing in at 90#, next 2 where 75-80. All the chickens you could catch! I don't think more than 5 min went by without a hook up. Caught so many fish my arm hurt. Back at the house Kevin's son Steve hangs all your fish for pictures, then cleans and prepares them as you chose. We choose vacuum packed and frozen. Russell
    and I had about 120-140# of fillets at the end of the first day. Not bad for only fishing 2 1/2 hours.

    Day 2... apparently I forgot how to hook them. Russell (son) had 1 shooter (60#) and a turkey (45#) and a bunch of
    chickens. Very nice day, nearly flat calm. Fished about 5 hours.

    Day 3... windy, 4-5' chop and rainy. We all had to work at scratching out a
    limit, but we did. Fished 7 hours.fishering

  2. Mots

    What a killer trip and nice butts. Thanks for the report and pic. WTG and congarts.gunz gunz gunz gunz
  3. MikeyLikesIt

    I love alaska!!!!!

    )where is ninilchek?

    nice job on the butts! man, they are great eating!!!

    nice size fishies.....wish I had taken more pics on my trip to Sitka.

    thanks for the report! you guys going back next year?
  4. Reel Magic

    Ninilchik is about 35 miles north of Homer. Just a speck on the map.:cool:
  5. TheShark


    I need to get up there - I will add it to my list