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Discussion in 'Anywhere Fishing Reports' started by TAPOUT, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Planning a trip in July or August to fish in Alaska with wife and boy. I've been to Waterfall 3x and its great but now they want about 16k with airfaire for three! Anyone know some good spots that offer the same amenities? I'm not afraid to spend money, but I was thinking I could save a few bucks? Any info would be much appreciated.
  2. bajadog


    We tried this place a few years back.

    Not the Ritz but..........

    Alaska had flight out of LAX for $216 R/T (bought in May).

    The Fun Moose: 7 nights lodging, 5 days guided Alaska fishing (1 flyout fishing trip, 1 saltwater charter and 3 Kenai River fishing trips) only $1095 per person


    Telegraph Cove on the North end of Vancouver Island was really cool. Great fishing, good food, cool lodging, and supposedly the best orca watching around. Very beautiful and not the Alaska $$$ - there is still a slight exchange advantage.
    I want to take my family there when the girls get a bit older.

  4. Crackerjack Advertiser

    If you are looking for a full on lodge, there is none better, for the money, than this one:

    Cordova is a 125 dollar plane ride from Anchorage and they pick you up at the Cordova airport.
  5. dennykrb

    Erik,,,,,Check ou SURE-STRIKE LODGE. in Craig. It is owned and run by Kirk Agnitsch, formerly from Redondo Beach. Also skippered some sporfishing boats down here and also worked at Waterfall. He will be down here for the Fred Hall fishing show. Call 907-8263909 I went there this past June and had a great time......great fishing and great place. Denny

    Isn't Craig right above Waterfall? I remember some guys taking a boat up there one night to try and get laid.:) I'll check it out. Thanks guys, for all the info.
  7. roxfisher

    Yes, Craig is right above Waterfall, either boat or plane to get there. The waterfall "Help" tends to try to get over there from time to time for a little recreation, although there isn't much to pick from so they say.