akule/opelu fishing

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by wadesauto, May 11, 2009.

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  1. wadesauto

    What are some good color combination's to make homemade flies to catch akule/opelu?
  2. tsutomu

    For Akule red/white flies work well, blue/white and plain white. Pretty sure it's similar for opelu but maybe not during the day. I bet Jim has the answers, pretty sure he has it in one of his books.
  3. jagerhunchback

    i've fished them at night with lights, generally we would start out really bright with 2 halogens in the water and 3 halogen decklights aimed over the side, then one by one start turning off the lights till we went from 5 to 1 light in the water. i've had better success with the blue light vs green or white. as the lights dim they come closer to the boat. as far as custom flies, we just used appropriate sized daimashis off the rack at wal mart, an we use them on our two bait sticks made for sabiki rigs. everytime it has been easy to fill the tanks except for one full moon we were out.

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  4. shinchan

    My uncle used to commercial fish for opelu and akule back in the day(who didn't) and he used some really small flies for opelu, mostly a variation of blue or green (like tennis ball fuzz). The akule would hammer the plain white (larger)flies with the red nail polish at the eye. He used to use the core of some kind of cord (parachute cord?) that had some red and green filiments inside. It was my job as a kid to pull those suckers out with the white, cut 'em into 2 inch or so sections and thread the hook with them. He would then fold it back, snell the hook, trim and finish with the nail polish....Anyway you run the waku with 6 flies of different color and find out which color they're biting that night and change as you go. If you stick with one color and its not biting, change- you gotta give them what they want...Oh yeah, back then the leaders were Mason hard black line and the mainline on the waku was japanese bloodline, don't know if it made a difference but we sure caught a lot....
    Good luck.
  5. chuck merkel

    I have had good luck catching both akule and opelu using the commercial rigs available at any of the fishing stores. I have noticed that opelu like gold hooks over the silver ones, but that it doesn't seem to matter for the akule. One friend of mine who makes his own rigs uses small clear and silver grubs on gold hooks and he does well with those. I only go out for akule on dark (no moon) nights. Hope this helps.