Airlines' policy on check ins.

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Wang949, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Wang949

    I will be leaving for Cabo at the end of the week via Frontier Airlines (i believe is a branch of alaska airlines). I called them, but the lady on the phone had no idea about the policy on transporting rods. Do they charge extra for checking in rods? (8ft)
  2. saltydogmr

    On Alaska your rod tube is considered a piece of your luggage but on your return to the U.S.A. it will arrive with the oversize crap (boards,golf clubs, and rods) and you always have to wait. Good Luck down there.
  3. Carcharodon

    good luck jesse
    I am going to La Paz from Sat - Sat
  4. Afry

    Last time I flew Alaska they did not count my rod or gun cases as luggage, she said it was sporting equipment and did not count towards the 2 piece max.
  5. Wang949

    hey austin,

    Are you bringing any rod/reel stuff, or is it all gunna be spearing?
    Didn't they charge you extra last year for your rods or something?


    GL man
  6. Onojoe

    I went down a couple of years ago with my 8 ft rod case. I called the airline and they said it was OK with no extra charge. When I checked in at LAX they wanted to charge me for oversize luggage. I said bullshit and they snottily said they would let it go this time. The bottom line is that everyone will have a different story. This was 2 years ago, when I checked it recently the website said... less than 60in free, 60in to 80in $50.00, 81 in to 115in $75! Good Luck

    My son and I are going to San jose del cabo this monday 4-9 and doing some panga fishing on the gordo banks. Maybe we will see you there
  7. crazetuna

    It's better to use the boat rods and reels in Cabo instead of bringing your own unless you like carrying them and hope you will see them all in one piece before and after your trip. Good luck down there and go gettem.

    Tight Lines...
  8. Wang949

    ya, but I want to be able to do some shore fishing (i will mostly be spearfishing)
    Ya they said something similar to that, but they also said that they allow 2 rods (do they think fishing rods are under 62''?)
  9. aznboy619

    Well i work for AA so the policy is with every airline...This they will charge an oversize fee....Plus make sure your rod are in a hard plastic case like SKB...Dont not try to ship it in a canvas type of cover...if they break the airline has no liabilty....
    Btw make sure you carry your expensive gear with you....Cause down south they are known to steal but under international policy anything missing will be cover up too i think $1300 under the warsaw convention....

    Btw Onojoe the fee went up on oversize items...its usually $80.00...

    Btw where are you flying out from LAX?
  10. pweber6

    Alaskan Air allows up to 115 inches of sporting equipment. Their policy states:

    Fishing equipment: Items of fishing equipment will be accepted as checked baggage. One item of fishing equipment, defined as two rods, two reels, and one tackle box will be accepted free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance. Additional fishing equipment will be included in determining the free baggage allowance, and when in excess, each item will be subject to the excess baggage charge for a single piece, whether or not presented as a single piece. Fishing poles that cannot be broken down adequately to be stowed on board in an overhead bin must be checked.
  11. phish8226

    It used to be if you taped your rod tubes together it counted as one piece. My last time down, we packed as much as possible in the empty ice chest on our way out, ( Put your clothes in the chest and gear in the suitcase or carry on ) and only had to pay the extra luggage fee on the way back. Make sure you take extra duct tape. They often want you to open the packs for security reasons. Especially in Mexico on the way back.
  12. OnoEric

    Frontier Airlines is not part of Alaska Airlines. Here's what their website says. Looks like it's gonna cost $50 per rod case unless you tape them together.

    Frontier Airlines

  13. Afry

    Whatever :shake:
  14. Wang949

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, but I decided to just so spearing down there, or use the pangas' setups because it's too much to lugg a spear gun and dive gear w/ rods and tackle.
  15. zigzag

    Hey Victor ya ever see a pangero with an 80 wide.Its not down there its up here the thefts happen.What makes you think baggage handlers and TSA are lilly white.half of TSA are convicted Felons .Oh shit did i say that.Recovering convicted felons.Have a nice day VICTOR.By the way no body up HERE STEALS:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  16. aznboy619

    LOL LOL LOL Well just a bit of advise....i work baggage every day and someone always claim something stolen or taken from there luggage from Cancun or somewhere down south... Have a nice day DAVE :beerbang:
  17. Onojoe

    Aznboy We are flying out of LAX Monday 2:30 on AA. Does that mean our luggage will be in good hands.
  18. Pounder

    The only airport 'down south' I don't trust is Cabo. Buy the extra insurance, I think you can buy it for both ways in the US.
  19. aznboy619

    Your luggage is in good hands...btw where are you going joe??