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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by bob1825, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. bob1825

    All, I will be taking my first long range 10 day trip this fall and I would like to pick the right rod to match with an Avet 50 SDS to cover the 100-130 lbs range. Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. yft1979

    ss ctsf 6463xxxh, Is what I use with my sds
  3. screamingreel

    Hello Jay,

    I use a Calstar GF 7465XH. Works great! If you want a shorter rod, GF 7460XH! If you want longer; 770 XXH... pull on a few and see what you like.

    Good luck on your first 10-day!!!

    - Jeff
  4. G-Spot

    How many 50's do you have, what are your other cow rods??

    If you don't have a Super Seeker 2 X 4 that would be a good choice.... I also like the SS 6463XXXH wrapped with aftco heavy rollers rather than big foots like the factory does... I add one guide, but the overall result is a nice tight sensitive rod (for a heavy roller rod) The big foot guides weight so much they take a lot out of the rod.....
  5. lasparky11

    7465XH? I know they make a 7465H 50-130# which is what I have & recommend. They do make a 7460XH 60-unlimited. The only beef I have with the 770 series is they are strictly a rail rod. The 7465H is pretty veritable. I have used mind as a rail rod + stuck the butt in the belt when I had to.
  6. bob1825

    this would be my first heavy set up which is why i am so confused and not sure what to buy. The rod and Avet 50SDS would be used for standup tuna fishing, probably using a belt and harness. I don't want a rod that is going to kick my butt which i believe i heard the ss 2x4 could do. thanks to all of you who have responded. all input is appreciated!
  7. Sactotuna

    1st heavy set-up, harness, 100-130#?
    OK, I'm thinking something 5 1/2ft like a calstar baja boomer. All glass, won't break the bank, but not available in a factory wrap, 60-130 rated. A fine first heavy rod and still my personal kite rod. The shorter rod USED to be all the rage, and for a first heavy this one would be a great choice while you learn the tricks of the trade.
  8. lasparky11

    At 55 with a body of 80 year old (joints) the 7465H will let rail it or belt/harness if you need to.
  9. G-Spot

    You will get a bunch of different opinions on this one, so here is one opinion... The 2 X 4 has the based of a 4X rod and the tip of a 2X rod, so it has plenty of backbone and should not work you over.... the flexibility in the tip will allow you to feel your bait better, but the 4X backbone will give you what you need when it is time to close the deal..... The flexible tip will actually protect you from being worked to hard, by allowing the rod to work and not your body.... with shorter top shots straight to spectra there is very little mono to stretch and take the hit, so the 2 X 4 tip will buy you back some play and save you in the long run.... go feel one of these rods, I don't think it will work you.... just one opinon....

    Good luck!!
  10. fishordie

    Hi Jay,

    If you are afraid of getting worked while in the harness on a long range boat just give in and rail rod like the overwhelming majority of Long Rangers are doing. If you do that I would consider the Super Seeker 6463 XXXH as I do not like the way the 2 X 4 pairs with 50 size reels. My personal favorite heavy stick is the SS 6463 XXXXH but most folks think it is too stiff for them unless they are on the kite. I personally do not understand this thinking as the only thing different from getting hooked on bait at the rail and fishing the kite is the hook up and getting yourself to the rail. For the majority of fishermen even though the kite rig will be using higher test string, they do not have the technique or fortitude to fish higher drag settings as should be done on the kite. Thus the majority of folks like the XXXH which is why I recommended it first.

    Don't get me wrong, my 2 X 4 is my very favorite rod amongst a giant quiver of rods of which I can choose from but I fish it with a smaller reel and it is an awesome setup.

    Regardless of what blank you decide on I highly recommend you consider having it custom made so you can go with a longer fore grip and possibly longer butt section depending on your girth. A standard rod is made for standard folks. Most fishermen are just not standard in size. You can still put a gimbal on it for fishing out of the harness but this way you can go rail or harness. If you use the rail just put a gimbal cover over it. Just as importantly a well versed long range rod builder will understand how far to cut the blank of choice. The 6463 series comes almost 7 feet long rather than the 6 foot 3 inches or so a factory built rod comes in. Fishing a harness on a 7 foot rod might just be pushing it.

    Since this is your first long range adventure be very careful about making decisions about expensive gear without knowing exactly what method you may end up employing. By creating an all around stick you can make your decision once you have the experience of being on a big fish and can switch off in mid stream if the harness turns out not to be for you. Just for information some of the best fishermen fish out of a harness and some of the best fishermen fish the rail. What that means is you will just have to figure out which technique works best for you. That said, by creating an all purpose stick you will be giving up something for each technique. A 7 foot stick with a longer fore and aft grip works great for fishing the rail but not so much for the harness. Conversely a 5 foot 6 inch rod works great for the harness and not so much for the rail so that is the only slight draw back about making a multi method rod. As a note my harness rods are Calstar Graphiter 755XXH's which has been around for a long time and is still a great stick however, in my opinion, for my style of fishing, the above noted Super Seekers are superior. Thus a slightly cut down version of the 6463 XXXH blank close to factory specs as far as length goes is a wonderful multi purpose tool.

    Best of luck on your decision.

  11. Garabaldi

    My vote would be:

    Calstar: 7465H (can fish the rail or harness)

    Seeker: SS6463XXXH (can fish the rail or harness)

    I own one of each, the Seeker has slightly better recoil IMO, but it weighs more than the Calstar (in general Calstar blanks are lighter in weight for similar rated pound tests). If you are using the rail, blank weight and finished rod weight is not that big a factor.

    I am with Jamie on the Seeker 2x4, a 30 size lever drag reel is a MUCH better match for that rod which was designed to cast live bait further as well. The 30 size reels cast better than the 50's and with the use of Spectra you can now get pretty decent line capacity on the 30 size reels.

    Same goes for Calstar's 770 series, the 30 size reels match MUCH better than the 50's.

    Perfect two outfits for a 10 day cow town fishing trip would be your SDS 50 on the Seeker SS6463XXXH for 100lb/130lb leader, and then a 30 size reel (not a wide version) on a Calstar 770XH for 80lb/100lb leader. Both rods custom made with ringed guides for casting, and long foregrips for use of the rail, sized for your arm length and height.

    My 2 cents