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  1. SemperFishing

    With summer on its swing to full throttle, I wanted to ask this question before it gets lost in the wave of reports about how great this summer’s fishing will be (fingers crossed).

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    I bought an Accurate ATD this past January and took it on my first 15 day. I wanted to catch a cow on it, but didn&#8217;t get one on that reel (I got cows on rentals and my friend&#8217;s Avet 30). After catching these cows (and a 180lb on the ATD), I really feel that I should bump up to 130lb flouro, vice the 100lb flouro I originally intended to use on the ATD.

    The problem is: I had my ATD spooled with 100lb Jerry Brown solid spectra (a fine line by the way). So my question is, can you effectively fish 130lb Flouro on 100 spectra with the full max drag off an ATD 30? (When I was fighting my 180lber, I was on its 2<SUP>nd</SUP> to last setting on the drag, and was still getting whooped. Tough fish!). I am worried that if I max the drag on my 130lb flouro, that the 100 solid spectra might break. Also, I am unsure if the ATD 30 has enough drag poundage to fish 130lb flouro. Does any one know the max drag on ATD 30?

    I also posted this on the LR forum to hit both places, the more answers the better. And (as always) I appreciate the help and opinions!<o:p></o:p>
  2. fishhard1 Advertiser

    In regards to the max drag, you should be able to get more than enough. 60 lbs or so.

    If you are finding that you are already at the end of the drag scale lettering, you can adjust the window of drag to increase it. Please give me a call if you are interested in doing that and I can talk you through it. Pretty easy to do. 888-222-8372