Actual spectra line capacity of Accurate B-870NC?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by PugtSounDav, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. PugtSounDav

    Most reel manufacturers are kinda optimistic with their spec numbers.
    But, I'm also getting conflicting info from the Accurate website:
    the info page on the B-870NC says: 250yds of 30# mono (.022")
    while their Line Calculator says: 280yds of 20# mono (.018")
    That's a 100-120yd discrepancy in the spectra line sizes that I use most!
    So much for "aerospace engineers" . . . . . now what's the real gouge?

    How much 65# or 80# spectra can you actually load on one of these 870 Narrows?
    I only use a short length of Flourocarbon leader, or clip the swivel directly to my halibut spreader bar,
    so I'm not much interested in long top shots, just spectra capacity.

    Thanx in advance for your input! Dave
  2. Craig Tyler

    Dave, I got 300 yds. of#50 spectra and a 30yd. TS on my 870N...
  3. PugtSounDav

    Thanx Craig,

    I was hopin' to fit at least 300yds of 65# spectra on one of these 870N's, but wasn't sure if it would fit?
    I saw a B-197 in the classifieds loaded with 300yds of 50# spectra, which filled that reel completely up, with no topshot.
    Another interesting thing is that the 197 is listed as weighing more that the 870N? (18oz VS 17oz)
    I always thought that the Accurate's size progression went 197-270-870-665, but maybe there's some overlap with the Narrows?

    Thanx again, Dave.