Acid Wrap Rods used in Longrange application

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Old&In The Way, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Old&In The Way

    Recently discovered "Acid Wrap" rods while searching rod components. Looks like a sound concept, that should work, especially on a 8-10 foot jig stick. None of my local rod builders do it, does anybody have experience using these rods in longrange applications? Any shops in Orange Co. do it?
  2. The Notorious S.U.A

    ask Corb, he spent about 3 hours on his acid wrapped ulua

    (what he didnt tell you is that it was all on one fish)
  3. jeffzou

    Use the search function on this resource:

    It has a lot of discussion about acid wrapping.

  4. 1:11

    My understanding is that many of the long range crew dont like them at all and some will flat out insist the acid rods stay in the rack. Often times in tangles, crew will have a rod on their shoulder while working on a tangle. This can cause injury to crew if a fish runs.

    Aside from the rodbuilders that swear by them, the jury is still out as to their viable application in long range fishing. Do they work? Yes. Do they make sense in Long range application? IMO, no. In addition to the possible challenges they can and do cause to crew members, the line going under the blank combines with the screaming runs big tuna and wahoo can make cause the portential for burned off fish to the rest of the passengers. Sometimes not being able to lift the rod high enuff happens to all of us due to many reasons.

    A rod properly spined, especially a heavy tuna rod, with a stiff blank should fish a lifetime without the concern of tip breakage due to extreme torsion. The arguement which many acid wrappers make with regard to rod breakage from extreme torsion are few and far between. I cant remember the last time, if ever, ive seen a tip break in the way acid folks claim to be a major concern.

    Seen many rods break on big fish, usually low quality store bought production rods being fished beyond their capability. Seen very few Calstar or Seeker production or custom rods break during a fight. As a matter of fact, I dont remember seeing any failures with either of these brands on a fish. My .10 cents.

    Oh boy, here comes the acid vs. no acid debate.
  5. Stringer

    I am happy to say that I have no opinion on how stupid or unstupid the acid rod gimicky thing is. :)