Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

Discussion in 'Contests' started by brantc, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. brantc


    Everyone knows that Accurate makes premium fishing reels....but, this contest gives you the opportunity to win a few of their other outstanding products.

    If you haven't used the Piranha Pliers before, after trying them, you'll kick yourself for not getting them sooner. You can feel the quality when you get your hands on them, and they cut through braid like butter.

    The solid core AccuBraid is supple and easy to work with. It comes in 10lb all the way up to 130lb.

    All you have to do is come up with the best caption for this picture:


    By the way....he landed the 325 lb YFT he was fighting in this picture on an Accurate 50.

    trev 325.jpg

    The winner will also receive a lanyard, sheath and Accurate T-shirt
    A $200 Value

    Contest ends September 22, 2011 at 5PM

    P1010585 (Medium).JPG


    1. Winner will be determined by BD staff and Accurate. Judges decisions are final. If you lose, just wait for the next contest and quit complaining that you got screwed.

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  2. katlyn

    Don't ask , Don't tell !
  3. Carl

    I told you cow fishing is gay
  4. NorthShore41

    No one can hear you scream on the bow
  5. rza007

    Yea there you go, short pumps just like that. Goooood
  6. mermaid hunter

    I told you so, this is a job for an accurate, nothing else.
  7. Zerg

    You asked for the gaff, I got something better!
  8. titus383

    Now I know why they call it the back-up rig.
  9. ezsmith

    I have your supper sized tampon for extra flow get off your knees and fish
  10. victormanuel

    "What happens offshore stays offshore"
  11. ezsmith

    Turn the handle or face the DISTRUCTOR
  12. reellady

    Accurate....the best......NO SPOOLING
  13. Patty Punisher

    When i said the trip was free, what I really meant was....
  14. SELLIT007

  15. GRUNT0369

    lick my bumper, it helps
  16. get some BD Writer

    I've got your back up rod swining bitch...
  17. BloodyL

    And then the wedgie hook broke loose!!
  18. Tues

    "I got this much up Ali's ass. Let me know when you're done with the cow, you're next."
  19. fishbones954

    It's an ACCURATE MOMENT - When your holding on to the big one!
  20. fshholc

    "I know you're trying to hide from the fish but I think he knows he's hooked".


    "If you don't put your hand on the crank, I'm going to wrack you with my dildo".