Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12

Discussion in 'Contests' started by brantc, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. brantc


    Everyone knows that Accurate makes premium fishing reels....but, this contest gives you the opportunity to win a few of their other outstanding products.

    If you haven't used the Piranha Pliers before, after trying them, you'll kick yourself for not getting them sooner. You can feel the quality when you get your hands on them, and they cut through braid like butter.

    The solid core AccuBraid is supple and easy to work with. It comes in 10lb all the way up to 130lb.

    All you have to do is come up with the best caption for this picture:

    View attachment 332289

    View attachment 332288

    The winner will also receive a lanyard, sheath and Accurate T-shirt
    A $200 Value

    View attachment 332286

    Contest ends February 13th, 2012 at 5 PM PST


    1. Winner will be determined by BD staff and Accurate. Judges decisions are final. If you lose, just wait for the next contest and quit complaining that you got screwed.

  2. jmericle

    The taxidermy guy is supposed to be around here somewhere...
  3. jmericle

    I walked a thousand miles from the ocean, I hope the swordfish is still fresh
  4. jmericle

    Say hello to my little friend
  5. Surfdoc

    Elvis has left the Building!!!
  6. jmericle

    It was him or me...he lost

    The most important Item for your Mancave is the Wall Mount, especially if you really live in a cave.
  8. jimmyvogs

    "Walk softly and carry a big Sword."
  9. fishr1989

    For $10,000, you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing!
  10. bassturd65

    You can tell by the size of his sword he is a captain of a Somalian pirate ship.
  11. fishingibiza

    Well that´s my bait sorted -- now for a spot of fishing
  12. Carl

    When Frank asked you if you wanted to swordfight he meant :gayfight:
  13. Spongerider

    This is the last time I pick up fish for mom.

    damn, I should've walked away, but when this fish pulled a knife on me, I complained to mlpa . now i have to take the fish to counciling twice aweek.for anger management
  15. Kin

    wanting to fight no more, he is taking his father's sword to be turned into a plowshare...
  16. swim_kitty

    It's sword-a heavy.....:rofl:
  17. thegrau

    Accurate : 1. Swordfish :0
  18. I'M OFF

    I'm glad I traded my Accurate for this, mommas gonna be proud.
  19. Weazel

    This is why I fish with Accurate gear.
  20. jigsalot

    What are you looking at?