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  1. hook1up

    Hey guys I have an Accurate Boss Magnum 870 for sale. This reel is in excellent condition. I have my reels serviced seasonally and this one was recently done by the Longfin in O.C.. It has also been respooled with 30LB P-Line and is ready to fish. 4.6:1 gear ratio 7 ss bearings. I'm asking $210 for it. Thanks for looking, Ryan. Text or Call (562)665-4095. No trades Please ! Last call, originally asking $300 I need the money! anyone want a bargin ! 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish. I guess the same holds true for the buyers on this site. 10% of the buyers have way to much time and 90% dont have the money. FISH ON.

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  2. jimbo450

    NOW THATS a well cared for reel!! WE like buying used stuff looking like this!!!
  3. hook1up

    Its hardly been used.
  4. hook1up

    If anyone wants to pick up the reel I'll throw in a $25 Bass Pro Shops gift card. I live in Elsinore. Bump, Bump.
  5. hook1up

  6. hook1up

  7. hook1up

  8. hook1up

    bump, bump, fresh 1. lol.
  9. greenpea76

    I don't think you're supposed to bump this much in a day, but here's a bump for you!
    Nice condition. I have the exact model I'm thinking of putting up for sale in exact same condition.
  10. hook1up

    do it GREENPEA76. Thanks 4 the bump. Is my reel over priced? Only been used twice. i've landed 6 albacore on a three day trip on the Independance up to 45lbs each with this reel. other than that its been incognito. my wife tried to hide my reel cause she was pissed I bought it at the time. recently discoverd it in a dresser in the garage. This reel kicks ass, if id doesnt sell then its a God send I'm not finished with it yet!
  11. tranpa

    I'll take it.
  12. hook1up

  13. tranpa

    Payment sent...Thanks
  14. hook1up