Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by fpjeepy05, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. fpjeepy05

    Does accuplates still exist? If so where can i order from? If not, Is anyone else making these? I got a customer who wants to match there Gold reels but wants a reel to run wire on. I thought the best solution would be a Penn 4/0 with the chrome plated brass spool, with gold Accuplates.

    Anyone got a pair of Gold Accuplates for a Penn 113h?
  2. ReelSpeed

    Go to ebay and type in Jvariance.. your answer will be found there. Beautiful 113 kits and affordable.
  3. Board4life

    I just did two conversions from Jvariance. Very nice and solid.

    Carbontex drag, Newell gears, Yolk upgrade. Now about to add steel gear sleeve.

  4. m_mcgourty


    I don't think they make accuplates anymore, you mite find them used on ebay.

    If you want new go to

    I've got a couple of their frames, top notch stuff.
  5. Sactotuna

    Finally someone has stepped up to the plate.
    When everyone else walked away from this niche I thought we'd never see frames and plates again. For $90??!!
    Way to go JVARIANCE!
  6. fpjeepy05

    Beautiful. Perfect. Thanks.
  7. Board4life

    One word of caution. When you install the plates you will have two screws on each side that are a little shorter than the rest. Make sure you do not over tighten them. I did on one of mine and it stripped out rather easily. Just make em snug. Other than that, they are an easy conversion and well put together. And the spools spin forever on these things.
  8. ReelSpeed

    Nice conversion.. now you just need to get a power handle from myself or Alan! ;)
  9. Board4life

    Will be getting one for the gold...