A day in westport I will never forget.

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Fishin' Luhrs, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Fishin' Luhrs

    It could not have played out more perfectly. Dad came out right after his 71 birthday and I took him fishing to celebrate. According to the measurements mine weighed 38 and Dads weighed 53 today. We caught a ton of fish in 3 days including 5 fish over 25 lbs. They were straight out in 330 feet of water today on a whole herring 50 feet down. More to come later but , wow Go get'em.........
  2. Fiber Dawg

    Nice work, those are two of the nicest Kings I've seen offshore this year, congrats!!!! :hali_olutta:h
  3. woodrow246

    Unreal Kevin! What a way to spend it with dad too! thanks for the report, and sharing the fun with kickass pictures!
  4. mackdj

    I just woke up at my keyboard after passing out from seeing your pics.....speechless.
  5. WaveDancer

    Great job Kevin!!!

    Do my eyes decieve me or is that a clipped fish as the big one?

  6. tacklejacked

    Well done, you are the man....
  7. Genie Aye

    Wholly crap !!! What a pair of HOGS!! Congrats to your Dad!!

    You are right--a perfect weekend!
  8. Dances with Fish

    Congrats to you both, those are some true hogs and it doesn't get any better than to share those moments with you dad. I get to fish with mine often. Keep it up
  9. Fishin' Luhrs

    No Ken the adipose was so big it layed over and almost touched the tail fin
  10. Glad Wrap

    That is freaking awesome Kevin.
  11. Odin7

    To quote today's young, "OMG!".
  12. DaKanati

    Wow! Sweet fish, we were right there too and picked up a low twenty and some high teens, but those are the ones that keep me going!
  13. RecklessPursuit

    Memories of a lifetime for sure
  14. zzz

    Simply Awesome. Now I'm wondering if I should just blow off work this week and head back down there. Great job.
  15. Chris Casal

    Wow! Nice... Okay, next week going to try the 300's and fish the 50's.
  16. wdlfbio

    Very nice indeed. I'm hoping to have a couple great trips when my dad comes up later this month too. Great job.
  17. Cap'n Coldeye

    Slabs!! Nice work Kevin. I love those kind of days. Happy Birthday..
  18. Plus1

    WOWZER !!!
  19. fishinden

    WOW, serious hog, great job, fish of a lifetime in Washington state, congrats.
  20. badlaz69

    wow what a great birthday present its a hog