9/6 Tidelands / Mid-week mega spotties from the yak

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Spyder, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Spyder

    Launched out of Tidelands right at 4:00 pm. Was a bit windy with small chop. Tide was pushing me southeast. Paddled out to "The Spot" and set up my drift and with my second cast I was hooked up to a nice spottie. Fishing stayed pretty steady for the next 2 hours. Was working the top with small swim baits and 6 lb test and the other pole rigged up for the bottom with 2 hooks baited with large cut squid and 30 lb test.
    The bite dropped off about 6:30 so I paddled around and kept casting as I watched the sun set. I was getting ready to call it a night at 7:00 pm when I got hit while casting on top. Then my bottom rig goes off. More quality spotties on both poles. The bite then GOES OFF for about another 1/2 hour. It was awesome, first reeling in one pole then the next. The water was like a lake by then and there was no boats around and no sound, weird. Right at dark something strange happened. As I was reeling in a swim bait I was watching my bottom rig twitching and then the line starts moving against the tide. All of a sudden the pole just bends in half, tilts my whole yak, and almost takes me over the side :eyepoppin . I grabbed the pole and I swear it felt like someone yanking the line at the other end. Only lasted about 20 seconds before what ever it was bit through the 30 lb test. I was like Hmmmmmmm....OK, that was fucking freaky. I stayed out until it was past dark and reluctently paddled in before I got run over by the Water Taxi.
    Not sure how many spotties I caught, maybe 15 to 20. About half were about 1 lb or so but the other half were porkers pushing 2 lbs and well over a ft. long. The last fish I reeled in was a striped croaker looking fish. I have attached a picture at the end so if any knows what it is let my know. All fish C & R, no toxic taco's for me.



    09-06-06_1723.jpg 09-06-06_1719.jpg 09-06-06_1856.jpg 09-06-06_1702.jpg 09-06-06_1909.jpg 09-06-06_1846.jpg 09-06-06_1855.jpg
  2. Smudge

    Sweet! Its a black croaker. Nice one too. I've caught several in that same area. I wonder what the monster fish was. Bonefisher hooked something while fishing the yak there and a 30min fight it broke his rod in two. Thar be a Nessy living at Tidelands!!!
  3. The Notorious S.U.A

    Spottie + leaking reactor on navy ship = [​IMG]
  4. Smudge

    Nah, look at the fangs on that thing. Its a CorVina.
  5. masta

    Once again killin them spotties, nice one dude. Probably bat ray or shark that got your line. Glad to see you yakin every week (jealous). Should be gettin a nice check from work so maybe Ill be out there gettin spotties with you in no time. Im getting ready for a 2 day trip on friday night. That will be fun.:cwmdie:
  6. TomTurtle

    i tangled with something there for and hour and a half on 10lb. I definately believe there's a few monsters down there
  7. Sherm

    Probably a one man submarine from the navy base:rofl: Glad you got out there Jim. I don't know if I want to fish with you anymore. You will be kicking my ass consistantly if you keep putting this much time on the water. I'll try to get out there next week after the tourney. See ya on the water.:cheers:

  8. Rabid Fish

    Sweet mess o' fish there.
  9. svue

    Could be a big shark... ahhaha just kidding. I shold go out and do some spotties fishing, it has been a while.
  10. Spyder

    Black Croaker huh? Cool, I can cross him off my list now :rofl: Little guy fought like a champ on 6 lb.

    That's the second time I hooked into something big out there. Bit on a big piece of cut squid so I was thinking maybe a big bat ray at first but this thing was yanking big time and not just a steady pull like a ray. Maybe a monster does live under that bridge. :eyepoppin

  11. Spyder

    You missed a fun night out there Scott. I think I'm ready to graduate up to La Jolla Shores now. Speaking of which, best of luck to you in the yak tourney Sat.
  12. Sherm


    I'm going to need it. There are some quality fisherman in this event. I've got some ideas on where they are right now. Either that or I'll follow Brad and Ande around.;) Hope to get into them. I'll let you know.