9/28 - Tuna, Dorado, and Yellows on the 181

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by jeffdalton, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. jeffdalton

    Launched out of Dana Point Saturday morning at 5:30am and picked up a scoop of dines and made our way offshore with a crew made up of two newbies, Dave and Mike, and my regular crew mate, Bryan. Made the long run to the 181 via the 209 and paddies were non existent for the most part. Finally we see some birds working big time and we make our way over. We were stoked to see the birds diving on crashing tuna! These tuna were moving fast and every time we maneuvered to get in front they would veer off in another direction. So frustrating! Finally we were able to put ourselves above the school and in go our baits. I'm instantly picked up and seconds later I'm on!!!! I immediately hand the rod off to Mike and he is thrilled to be fighting his first ever tuna. After much coaching, Mike lands the first tuna of the season on the Stealth Stix. Hell yeah, high fives to all!!!!

    We chased the school for another 45 minutes or so, but just couldn't get another one. In the meantime, we spot a few boats that were chasing the school with us, fishing a good size paddy. We joined the fray and Bryan hooks and hands off a nice dorado to Mike. Bryan handled the gaff duties once again and Mike lands his first ever dorado. Two firsts in one day....Mike was stoked!! We fished this paddy for a few yellows before deciding to call it a day. We were back at the dock by 1pm....in time to make my son's football game.

    Great day on the water with good friends! Looking forward to the next trip!!

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  2. jollanes

    Nice work! Good to see there are still a few tuna locally.
  3. Ripnsumlip

    Congrats and thank you for the post.....
  4. Can't Parker

  5. Stakanak

  6. buddaisis

    RIGHT ON, nice job fellas!!!
  7. 26grumpy

    So awesome, WTG Jeff!!!
  8. djennings

    Way to get 'em Jeff.
  9. Tunahead

    Cool Jeff, and your friends are newbies no more...LOL
  10. Ali Admin

    Nice work guys. Looks like fun close to home.
  11. fishsmith

    Nice local fishing!
  12. blubby07

    Right on!!! Cool to see on our local banks congrats!!! Is that a 21 se?
  13. bbkat

    Nice job!
  14. c-goat

    Good job on the tuna.
    Im hoping a few more start to filter their way north.The volume just isn't there....or here I guess.Hopefully soon.
  15. peteking

    The Dalton boys strike again. Good job!
  16. Burndog

    Way to go Jeff!
  17. Tunaslam

    US Tuna and Do Do's, that works, congrats guys!
  18. jeffdalton

    Ron, until they have a clue as to what they're doing, they're newbies. :)
  19. titos334

    Damn, I was there Friday and didn't see shit. Dana Pride was out there and looked to be headed out towards SCI. Lucky for us we found a paddy inshore a couple miles of San Clemente and got some yellows. Good work!
  20. jeffdalton

    We worked this school with two other boats, but our persistence paid off. The volume of birds working this school was a dead giveaway. With any luck the conditions will either hold or better yet, improve and we might be pulling on a bunch of tuna fairly soon.