9/28/06 & the 182

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by El Bombero, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. El Bombero

    Finally got back on the water after a year hiatus. This was a shakedown run so we expected problems and they came as soon as I tried to turn on the bait pump. After a frustrating moring of fixing this and that we left EB (with some nice dines) around 7:30 and headed to the 182. A little wind, but nothing to worry about. Put in the trollers just short of the 182 and started hunting for keps and porpoise. Around 1030 we found a kelp with the smaller grade dorado and kept a few for dinner. Started trolling again and found nothing but skippies and bonito. Around noon the wind decided to pick up and it was getting sloppy so we started toward MB. By 1 PM the wind was really going and we called it a day.

    Talked to Salty Dog and it sounded like they did well on the yft, doing the run and gun. Found a band of warmer water (68+) just inside the 182 that produced nothing. Not much but at least the boats in the water and I was fishing. Listening to the radio it sounded like everyone was working hard for what they brought home.
  2. sharkstew

    I saw you coming home on the 8. Nice boat.

    Thanks for the report.

  3. Tunaslam

    A few fish for the barbie, good job.
  4. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Dude, Pay closer attention next time, I wanted to get you over there to help me work the pod of porpoise as they were moving quick. I didnt want to broadcast it twice on 72 though. When you didnt catch on, Another guy did, Came in and helped corral the mammals and we plugged the boat with YFT:)
  5. wildcat

    Hey Bill, can I get those #'s one more time from ya????
  6. El Bombero

    Thanks for offer Salty Dog, but the wife wanted dorado for dinner and we had finally found a good looking patty. I didn't want to make a big deal over not coming over, didn't want you to be invaded. Guess I need to comunicate better.

    As it turned out we managed enough dorado for a few meals, that will keep her happy and I'll get to get out soon. Maybe after the weekend I'll have all the little things fixed that didn't work on the shakedown.

    Sharkstew thanks for the compliment. I agree with your assesment, Shamrocks look good on the water.
  7. mtnhotstik

    Nice work Clyde. Too bad the tuna didn't want to play. Gotta admit though Ill take the Dorado any day off San Diego. Sure like to hear the stories from you old retired guys who have all the time in the world to fish!