820 Pounds of Ferociousness

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    [​IMG]After catching a fish at the end of the day yesterday, I felt pretty good about going back to the same area hoping for another bite or two. The day dragged on with no action for us but I had heard of one fish caught and I had witnessed another one caught so hopes began to rise.We hadn't started the day until 11 am so our plan was to stay a little later, maybe till 7 pm. The bait was on the 100 fathom edge and I continued practicing my M's and W's on the plotter when my mate, Tracy, perked up like a pointer and spotted a big spot about to eat the XL Polu Kai Tube on the left short. She didn't eat as you would want but she was persistent none the less. After popping the lure out of the tag line and chasing it back to the boat, she ate and came unglued really quick. We thought that might be the last we'd see of her but she swam back into the spread after the right long where the Polu Kai Lil' Stubby held up residence. On her second attempt she was hooked and off and jumping.

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