80lb reel, Which to get

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by 125mph, Jan 3, 2012.


Which 80lb reel

  1. Avet EX 30/2

    49 vote(s)
  2. Avet Exw 30/2

    38 vote(s)
  3. Talica2 20

    36 vote(s)
  4. Talica2 25

    53 vote(s)
  5. 16VSX

    64 vote(s)
  6. 30VSX

    26 vote(s)

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  1. 125mph

    Hi guys,

    So from my previous post I understand I should have an 80-100 lb setup for a 5 day trip in case of a good bite.

    I like the :

    - Avet EX 30/2
    - Avet Exw 30/2
    - Talica2 20
    - Talica2 25
    - 16VSX
    - 30VSX

    I'm looking to get at least 500yards of 100 lbs jb hollow with room for windon topshot 80lbs.

    Which would you all pick?
  2. juyu19

    I fished with the AVET for a number of years and have been very pleased. Last year during the Fred Hall, I picked up the talica 8 and 25. They are both very smooth and the lighter spool is evident. Casting was easy. I fished the talica25 in Puerto Vallarta but didnt land a cow. We landed two cows on the Avet HX raptor. Consider that reel as well. In all I prefer the TAlica reels at this point.
  3. hilltop

    x2 hx raptor
  4. 125mph

    What do you have your talica25 packed with? how many yards?
  5. genaro12390

    Makaira 20 or hx raptor. Accurates atd 12 is also good if you like to spend.
  6. mcrae

    It doesn't take much. You wil probably not use the rig much and unless you plan on doing longer trips you may want to just use the boat tackle. I personally use a 6/0 Penn senator. It works and doesn't need as much care as my Accurates and Avets.

    I read the post before mine. I also own a ATD 12, Avet SDS, and Avet 50 wide. All nice reels and none needed on a 5 day.
  7. migelito

    X3 on the HX raptor. its light enough to fish 50 with enough drag to go 80 or even 100
  8. Steve K

    Unless your have an extra thousand sitting around, I wouldn't get a Talica 25II. More than you need. I have lots of rods and reels and have everything covered between 25 lb and 150 lb, but on a five day I cut a jig off one of the boat's trolling outfits and tie that up with a dropper loop. Just be sure it's OK with the crew; they'll probably do it for you. This would be for that night fishing for Yellows at Lupe or Cedros. Mostly, I like fishing them in the daytime on yoyo iron. Be sure you have that application covered first. Something like a Baja Special and a 6465H.

    Of course if you're investing for future and longer trips, a quality two speed 30 size reel is a good investment. Avet EX30/2 or HX2 Raptor or a Makaira 20. Lots of great choices out there. Sometime, like one of these days, we'll see a school of those bigger Bluefin offshore on a five day trip and be glad to have something like one of these reels on a 60 lb rod like a 6465XH. Keep it rigged up and ready to go. Ya just never know.
  9. hilltop

    gooong 5 day? bring a jx raptor and your hoping to use it........iron, iron, iron.
  10. J.AkuHed

    Not on your list, but a second vote for an Okuma Makaira 20.
  11. deckpin

    Talica 25 all the way
  12. Normslanding

    Sold all my Avets, including Raptors. Bought Makairas and I love um. The M20 is a great choice for 80-100#.
  13. jarhead

    Went with the 16VSX simply because my local tackle shops didn't have the Avets I wanted, must say I'm very pleased with it, fished for YFT
    and landed fish to 80 lbs no problem chunking in The Jersey Canyons.

    Spooled with 80lb JB and 60 lb top shot
  14. Excaliber

    There's no need for such a big reel on a 5 day but if you really want one get the Makaira 20. There's none better and the price is awesome.
  15. Steve K

    I don't know about "no need" Occasionally the moon and the stars all line up and you might get into something big. At the very least, I like my TLD20II; framed with aftermarket drag plate and a T-Bar Lite handle. Rigged with a 60 lb topshot of fluorocarbon on a Seeker G6460XH, it's always ready.

    If and when the captain says get the heavy gear, you don't want to be standing there with nothing but a 30-40 lb outfit. I know some guys who always take a 100 lb outfit on a five day and in years past have used it.
  16. 125mph

    16VSX getting lots of votes.. Do I have to get it mod'd to be 80lb? That was my first choice but from what I read it had to be sent to cal-something for upgrades?

    Will it fit at least 500 yards of 100 jb hollow
  17. 125mph

    How many yards of 80# JB did you get?
  18. tunanorth

    The 16VSX needs no mods to fish 80 pound topshots, and it has the enhanced freespool straight out of the box.
    A few extreme "high drag" users may want a mod for 100-pound, but realistically, the out of the box max of 30 pounds at Strike, and 42 pounds at Full exceeds what the majority use for 100.
    VSX reels produced since Feb. 2011 have the metal shift button standard, but even if you buy an older used one its an easy replacement part.
    Listed capacity of 700/80 or 600/100 braid is based on Big Game Braid solid, so calculate your own brand from there, based on diameter, installation method, and personal preference on fill-level.
  19. johndtuttle

    I'd say the Penn 16 VSX is perfect for dropper looping at Guadalupe or Cedros. Maybe that's just me though...
  20. okie man

    i'm fixing to get a 16vsx and a ss1x3 for yellowtail fishing the lupe' ,cedros ,rocks. could use it for kite/balloon rig at the lupe' and rocks and when one of them hfs bites on 100+ tuna happens.