8 day on the american independence 12/27

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by chriscoobs, Nov 24, 2004.

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  1. chriscoobs

    i have just booked an 8 day trip on the American Angler leaving dec 27-jan 4th. this will be the longest trip i have ever been on and want to come prepared. my outfits so far

    #17 bait caster just for fun
    #20 jig master on 7ft
    #25-30 calcutta 700s on a 7ft
    #30-40 torium 30 on 7ft (this will be my iron rod)
    #40 tld 20 1 speed on 7ft rod
    #40 avet lx 6.0 (need to get a rod for this)
    #50 senator 4/0 on a 6.5ft rod
    #60 trinidad 40 on 6ft rod, roller striper/tip (spectra backed 85lb,60topshot)

    how does this look so far.
    i know i need an 80lb outfit, and am in the market, i think i will get a tiagra 30 wide for this application. in addition i need to get a rod for the Avet reel. i want to get a reel that fills a void in my collection. i was thinking a 6ft 20-60lb calstar. what do you think? thanks
  2. bertram31

    Sounds like you have a good start going.You do need a heavy bait outfit in the 80 to 100 pound range.The boat should have trolling rods so you dont have to waste an outfit for trolling.The boat may also have kite rigs if you get into some kite fishing.The only thing i would change is the pound line for jig fishing.I fish real short top shots in the 60 to 80 pound range for jigs.I like to be able to horse them and keep the fish out of the bottom when need be which is often.

    Have a good time.

  3. chriscoobs

    so i should up the weight on the torium? maybe 65 backing and a 50 topshot? what other setups should i change the weight on? thanks
  4. bertram31

    I would put the trini 40 on a seven foot rod with the sixty pound for bait and jigs.Thats give you have fairly heavy rod that is versatile.

  5. Null&Void

    #1 re-check your reservation...no such boat as the "american independance" :D
    #2 leave the lil stuff at home fa-ghads sake!! fishing anything less than a 30lb outfit is a waste of time...especially if you hang something BIG with light gear= no bueno
    #3 80# gear will see limited action: trolling (yawn) or drooper looper action...unless you hit a RIPPER bite. 80# is also too light for the kite. use the boat rods (check and see if they are free to use, on some boats they are not) for that crap. if you DO buy a tiagra for 80#, get the 50, not the 30.
    #4 if you have the $$$, add a 2 speed 40 or 60# to your arsenal instead of an 80#. much more useful on a trip of this length

    i look at long range fishing as an opportunity to land something BIGGER than i can locally, which is why i do not waste time or effort bringing light gear. on 7-8 day trips, you will spend the majority of the time fishing your 30 and 40# outfits. skippers DO NOT like to see passengers undergunned at the rail...LOTS of lost fish on light gear. keep that in mind when you are buying your terminal gear and you'll be just fine.
  6. chriscoobs

    yea, its the american angler, i wasnt thinking. for my trinidad 40 i was planning on putting it on a shorter 6ft stand up stick rather then a casting stick, i guess i could use that stick for the bigger setup (its a 30-80 calstar west coast). for the avet i was planning on a 7ft rod.but i cant decide between the west coast or the graphiter (is it really worth 2x the price?). would you reccomend i get a tiagra 20 and put it on 80backing 60topshot instead of the bigger 30wide or the 50?. geeze decisions decisions. thanks for the help.
  7. bertram31

    It really depends on what type of long range fishing you are planning.7-8 day trips really dont give you the time to fish any further down the Alijos or part of the ridge.There can be bigger fish at the ridge but generally you need to go further to really be into the bigger fish.I wouldnt go down to the 20 and the use you get out of the 30w may be better then the 50.When you start doing 10 day plus you need a couple 50w and still the 30w come in handy.

    As far as the graphite rods i like them.80 percent of my rods are graphite and I am weeding out the older glass rods.The graphite fishes the spectra/short top shots very well.

    The trini 40 with 60 pound will most likely be the rod you are using the most.I would set it up on the 7 foot rod for casting smaller baits a little better and also castings bombs in case you come across some Hoo's.

  8. chriscoobs

    could i get away with putting the tiagra 30w on the 660H RS/RT 6ft 30-80lb ROD. i dont know if that rod has enough backbone for an 80lb application. what do you think.? so lets say i put the trinidad on a 7ft graphiter which model would you get? also if i wanted to get a rod for my avet (lets keep this one fiberglass) which would you reccomend? thanks for all the help.
  9. bertram31

    You will be fine with the 30w on the 660h.The GFGR700h is a 30 - 80 pound rod, the GFGR700m ia a 20 - 50 pound rod.You will have more power with the 700h.If you arent going to fish as heavy line on the avet as the trini the WC670c 20 - 50 pound rod will do you fine.

  10. chriscoobs

    so you think 80backing/60topshot for the trini40? i have the 670c for my torium which will be on 40, or maybe 30. i plan on fishing 40lb with the avet should i maybe get a 665c? the avet and torium are very similar in their application, so i was thinking about getting a shorter rod for the avet and using it as a livebait, while the torium will be for casting irons/bombs. what do you think? thank you again
  11. bertram31

    That will work.But for irons and bombs i dont want less then 50 pound.80 backing on the trini is fine but i would be using that set up for the jigs.The yellowtail fishing on the ridge is really good and the fish are strong.You really need some line to get them out of the bottom.The 665 is ok but i think you will be better off with a seven footer with 40 pound.
  12. chriscoobs

    so get a 7ft graphiter for the trinidad. keep the torium on the 7ft. should i put the torium on 40mono, or maybe 65backing 50topshot? then for the avet im kind of lost on what to use that for since its so similar to the torium, im thinking about a shorter rod for this setup, and use it for my 40lb mono live bait. what do you think? 6.5ft for the avet? or get another 7? just wondering, would there be any reason to get a 6ft rod for the avet? or is that going to be too short to use for casting/use on a party boat? thaks bertram31 for the help.
  13. bertram31

    A short top shot of 50 mono/floro on the torium is ok.I would stick with the 7 footer on the avet and fish the 40 pound there.You do want to be able to cast as far as you can fish the sardines.

    no prob man, glad to help
  14. chriscoobs

    now lets move on to my terminal tackle selection :) im bringing up to 10/0 hooks for chunk bait. i think 8/0 or 9/0 will be the biggest hooks i will be using aside from chunk bait. im bringing a few bombs rigged with wire leader. then aside from a bunch irons and feathers/cedar thats about it. a few 3ft wire leaders, and 40,50,60mono i will also bring up to 10oz weight, with a bunch of 6oz,4oz and 2oz. whats missing? thanks
  15. bertram31

    10/0 not needed.I use the ringed owner 8/0 circle hook for chunk.Bring a couple gold raiders for the Hoo's and then the normal 2/0 3/0 4/0 hooks.I caught two of my tuna on 2/0 fishing dines one on a 4/0 fishing macs and the chunk8/0.Bring floro or make your top shots out of floro.