8' Bait stick question

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by dbar, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. dbar

    Ok heres the deal. I'm going to have SaltyDog rap me a rod. I want to go with an 8' rod, to put my MXJ loaded with 25# test on it. I have looked at seeker and calstar blanks. What would be the best 8' blank to pair this reel up with? I bought a Big 5 cheep 8' rod to see if I like 8'ers as Iam used to 7'ers. I like haveing the extra leverage so I'm going to have a nice one built, just would like to hear from you guys on what your 8' baits sticks are and how you like them.

    The big 5 rod will still get used as a Hoe stick, for some of my buddy's that dont have any rods of there own.
  2. Rooster1264

  3. Derfsondeck

    6480 for #30.SS 270-H for #25.
  4. Mstonefish

    800ML......................Bill is wrapping one for me right now, you are welcome to pull on it and see if you like the action. Perfect #25 stick
  5. Dos Locos

    800XL if you like a fast action bait stick to 30#
  6. dbar

    Correct me if I'm wrong, fast action means that the tip will taper real quik. leaveing the most of the butt end without bend while the tip bends alot?
  7. YANK N CRANK #2

    Calstar 800L or 270-8...
  8. yknot

    270-8H Seeker or Calstar. Go to your local tackle store and pull on them and see which you like. I built mind with a Calstar blank but I actually like Seeker because they have a softer tip than Calstar.
  9. marlyn

  10. tackle junkie

    One more vote for the 270H-8, the blank # is CLB806H.
  11. dbar

    There is some 270 fans here for sure. I think that might be the one.
  12. 1:11

    im caught up in weight issues and length. Short rods are finished, and glass and composites are yesteryear. Im leaning towards graphite myself.

    270 calstar - not a 25# blank
    270- 8 calstar pushing it on 25#
    270 -8H calstar great for 25#, but spongy compared to graphite

    Seeker 270 - 15# rod
    Seeker 270H - 20# rod
    Seeker 270-8H - mushy

    CJB80F black steel- go pull on one of those, that might be the winna.
  13. The Bushman

    I'll throw another twist on this... Which blank did you get at Big 5? Is it the sprial wrapped one like the Kencor's?? I use my JX on this same rod and it casts a dine great. Its a little bit more moderate action and it pulls thru more of the blank than a fast action would. It was actually my favorite stick on my last trip to Cedros. Pulled in 30# tails all day long! Give it a try before you relegate it to occasional use by your neophyte HO's. That way you could save some money, have a nice 25# stick, and have Bill wrap a different stick for you. Just my .02.
  14. gatothecat

  15. dbar

    The CJB80F is actualy a blank I was looking at. How do you like yours? It really seemed like a good 25# rod to me!!!
  16. hucklongfin

    I love the G970 but don't like the G980 (CJB80F). The 7'er is the perfect 25# bait stick but the 8'er is too fast. It shuts off about a foot from the tip. The various 270H-8's are perfect 25# bait sticks... I have two. However, to each his own. If you like the feel of the CJB80F try pulling on the Calstar 800L and ML too.
  17. tsuriya

    Think outside the box. This is my go to stick. Matched with a MXJ.
    Rouge Rods. The blank is 806.

    SWW 806C Saltwater Rod 8' 0"
    1 Piece / Line Weight: 20-40 / Lure Weight: 2-10oz
    Power: X-Heavy / Action: X-Fast / Cast
  18. dbar

    It is a Quantum blue runner, the guides are junk and the whole rod is not really top quality. I bought it off the clerance rack for $30. It served it purpose for me all ready, just to find out if I want to switch from 7' to 8' rods. I have been fishing since I was a kid and have always used 7' or shorter rods. Last week I hooked a big fish at La Jolla on it , I was unable to stop the fish. Yanking on the fish before it kelped me, I really liked the feel of that extra length on the rod.

    The Quantum will work as a hoe rod, but for myself I want a good quality rod!!!
  19. Assalt Weapon


    Just cant justify the cost of the new seekers when you can get a Calstar Grafighter for less money.
  20. dacrow

    grafighter 800m