8/17 Redondo beach

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by Laguna80, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Laguna80

    Went fishing at 6:30 this am. Only got hooked up with something big. Think I stepped on a corbina and had something else bump into my leg. So they're out there. I was using a tiny perch rod just to see how it does, but I couldn't get whatever I had hooked up in, so I won't be using that again. Didn't help that those clear squishy kelp critters got wrapped around my line and made it impossible to reel in. I HATE those fricking things.
  2. Laguna80

    Update from this evening. Got one medium sized yellowfin croaker. Also caught TONS of kelp and those damn jelly creatures. I had to cast wayyyyy out to get beyond it.
  3. Straxus

    Conditions are almost the same down here in Imperial Beach. All that trash in the water is getting ridiculous. And what is that jelly crap? I though it was just chunks of jelly fish..
  4. Laguna80

    Apparently, they're some other sort of jelly creature. They sure do love to get wrapped around the line though.

    nexttime dont use trout gear to catch giant sea bass
  6. Laguna80

    But, it's so much more fun that way.
  7. Phreaky

    Where you fishing at? I normally fish small jetty next to Redondo pier for calico's and Hali's
  8. Bob_Benner

    The trout gear is perfect for sight fishing Corbina in the skinny.
  9. Laguna80

    I fish further down from there. Closer to the little cement outcropping or whatever that thing is.
    The one side of that jetty had some nice clear water, but I didn't see any fish when I walked down there one time.

    Course I don't get any calico's or Hali's. Just YFC, small leopards and guitarfish, and the odd corbina.

    Oh ya, about that small jetty. Are we allowed to walk out onto that? I'm from Hawaii where everything is pretty much free for all, so all these rules make me a little hesitant.
  10. rainmann13

    are corbina good to eat??

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