8/16 yellow tail

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by silver slayer, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. silver slayer

    fished out of the cr on monday first fish was a yt caught it in the troll by a kelp pattie on a blue x rap. rest of the day sucked scratched up 8 albies to end the day with another 9 for the fish count had a great time though ocean was like a lake and had good company.
  2. Roll the Bones

    Nice work on the Yellow. How bout some numbers where you were, Temp and water color? We are headed to WP for Saturday, Sunday and with the SST's not available for the last few days it would be good to get some recent intel.
  3. fishchasr

    Awesome! Another species checked off the list. :)
  4. Easytosee

    fucking badASS. lucky son of a bitch
  5. bopalmer30 Advertiser

    Nice job on the Yellow! I am going to have to try to target some up here. I have caught a lot of them down south, but never up here. Sorry to hear about the scratchy fishing, but the Yellow atleast makes up for it a little.
  6. silver slayer

    10/40 for the yt 58.4, 18/48 for the albies 59.8 all bright blue water

    yeah the yt was cool the really cool part is 2 of the crew had never caught a tuna before and rob got to reel in the yt and some albies on his first trip.
  7. lingasaurus

    Nice job on the yellow thats a real one!!!, glad it wasn't one off those Juv Jack Mackrel guys have been calling Yellows since they look so close but don't taste the same. hamachi tonight???
  8. jskfish

    nice yellow. There seems to be a lot of paddies around this year and plan to stop on many next week to see if he has relatives in the neighborhood. Good job, jsk
  9. Titan

    Great report. You never know what you're going to pull out of the ocean. I always get a kick when we catch something unexpected.
  10. kuyamonster

    Holy Smokes, Indy! I thought this report was misplaced! Catch em all the time here on the iron jigs, really fun. Bigger mossbacks pull hard and strong too! NOW I AM moving to the PNW! THX for the inspiration, gotta kill some tuna now too...

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