8/16 Sat with the fleet

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by bajaandy, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. bajaandy

    Sorry, no pictures.

    Headed out of San Diego on Friday night and parked it near the San Clememte Bouy just to get away from the masses. Started a chum line at about 1:00 am hoping for the grey light tuna bite... it was not meant to be. Started trolling towards the 43 spot, then turned and headed south to the east butterfly. Lots of boats. Found a nice temp break just north of the butterfly. Worked back up towards the 302. Found a few patties, but no feeshes. Heard some guy on the radio talking about braking off a gaff in a YFT and losing both the gaff and the fish.

    A little while later, the trollers got nailed by some angry teenage dorado near a kelp. Drifted it again and hooked up a couple of their brothers. All little guys. On the next drift, saw something that looked BIG under the patty. It was a YFT, and low and behold, it had a gaff sticking out of it's side! Tried to snag the gaff, but no way jose. Looked like a nice fish too. Bummer for both the angler and the fish. Shark bait for sure.

    Had just passed the 302 when we decide to switch out the jigs and run all micro-jets out deep. I didn't even have the fifth one tied on when the other four went off... Quad Albi strike. Small grade... 7-10 lb. The school is under us so we get bait in and whamo, all four of us are hooked up on the bait. The bait fish were a bit bigger, but not much. One went to 14-1/2 lbs. Oh well... meat for the smoker.

    Finished up by heading in over the nine mile bank with the marlin jigs out just for shits and giggles. Nothing happening.

    All in all a beautiful day on the water with plenty of sunshine, calm seas and no wind. Oh, and few fish in the bag as well. Can't beat that.
  2. Barry Chew

    Nice story, Andy. What're the odds of finding the same tuna with the gaff in it? Glad you got some fish. You didn't hear what was being caught on the East Fly, or try fishing there? I'm headed out tonight, so I'm wondering how it is where the fleet is.
  3. bajaandy

    Barry, we got the skunk on the east fly. Looked like a lot of boats (42 that we could see around us at one count). Heard a few people getting some small grade dodo's and a few tuna here and there. Saw a few sporties out at the San Salvador Knoll. A few clients were bendo. Good luck tonight.
  4. 26grumpy

    Great 411 Andy, got a few fish too, congrats
  5. Barry Chew

    Thanks, Andy.
  6. harryo

    Thanks for the report, Andy. Seaya!
  7. Darylfw

    Missed you guys today. Sounds like you guys had a typical day out there. Glad to hear you got fish.
  8. Limits

    good job. finding that YFT with the gaff in it is pretty bizarre. That would have been sweet to free gaff that bad boy and end up with a free hook for your troubles.
  9. bajaandy

    Didn't get any good shots out on the water, but here is the aftermath. Fresh out of the smoker and into the vacuum bags.

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